Reclaimed Wood Swing Made by deKor

I remember kids ability to play with anything and I envy it. Children are so spontaneous and creative that they can turn anything into a toy, into an instrument they can use to play with, into something fun and exciting, be it just a stick or some reclaimed wood. Children are the one able to see elephants and cars in the shape of the clouds in the sky and that makes them amazing. A child soul saw the opportunity and designed this beautiful Reclaimed Wood Swing Made by deKor.

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This swing is made of reclaimed wood, meaning that if you are creative enough you can take something other people wanted to throw away and turn these things into something really useful. Since it is very close to Earth Day and we talk about recycling, I think this is a great idea. It is basic for recycling and good for nature. It’s amazing to realize that some people’s garbage is actually some other people’s swing. The board found on the seashore or on the river banks is carefully cleaned, dried in the sun and after that given this particular shape, lacquered and made holes that will allow you to tie the ropes that will make it a swing. If you lack the skills to do this by your own, but you still love the idea, you can purchase a ready made swing from deKor for $249.