Radio Controlled Pool Drink Float

Today it was pretty cold and moist outside, so i stayed inside with a cup of hot tea in my hands and I watched TV for more than half a day. I could only dream of the sunny summer days when I can stay near the pool all day long , I am quite sure most of you like that, too. So I found a very interesting gadget that is perfect for a pool party and for the lazy people who stay on the floating air bed and wouldn’t go on the pool side to get a fresh drink.

Rc drink serverView in gallery

I am talking about a floating tray that is controlled by remote control and this way you can guide it from the pool side till it reaches the ones in the middle. This way nobody gets wet and the fresh drinks get to their destination. Well, you can fill the tray with snacks or whatever you feel like eating or drinking in the middle of the pool.

This gadget is funny and nice and can be helpful when you need it. It is perfect for pool parties and can be purchased for a price that varies between $25 and 50. You can find it for sale on most online shops, for example Amazon or Home Wet Bar.