5 Quicks Tips For Decorating Your Nightstand

Yes, you heard right. Even your nightstand should be decorated and styled. No matter the theme and ethos of your room or the vision you have for it, every single nook and cranny should be accounted for. And that includes what’s going to be in … and on … and around your bedside stand. Whatever combination of items and decor you decide to display, find and create, paying attention to even these smallest, minute details will add charm and personality to your bedroom. Use these quick tips and tricks to jazz up the nightstand and enhance the theme of your space.

1. Odd numbers really do work.

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Use three, five, seven or even eleven! different items and accessories to make your nightstand look a part of the room. Add little home decor pieces to emphasize your vision and dress the table. An odd number will add something more unusual and interesting than just two items to each stand. Besides, you never know how many pieces you’ll need to balance a table.

2. Balance is very much key.

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Which leads me to balance! We know that balance doesn’t necessarily mean to use an even amount of items. For example, a bigger lamp can be balance out with two or three smaller items. Make sure the table doesn’t look lopsided, but decorated completely. Pay attention to every corner!

3. Variation is quite stylish.

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Use items with different heights, sizes and shapes. This variation catches the fashion-forward eye and adds a more stylish appeal. Something big and short, something tall and thin … use a variety of sizes and heights to amp up the personality. Bit lamps, skinny vases, flat books, tall frames …. possibilities are everywhere.

4. Textures are super snazzy.

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Pieces of ocean coral, fresh flowers, seashells, old books, funky-shaped trinkets, bowls of bracelets or pins, frames filled with family memories … anything that adds more spunk than a flat stacks of magazines or a plain, generic lamp will add the texture you need to keep with a design element. A variety of textures used all at once keeps things interesting and adds personality.

5. Choosing a theme is essential.

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Don’t get scatter-brained, even if you like it all. It’s essential to commit to a theme. This will help make the process of deciding what items to display far easier. Is it beachy? Is it retro? Is it contemporary? Is it eclectic? Vintage? Monochromatic? Relaxed? Whatever it is … stick with it!