How to Put Lavender In Every Room

It’s no surprise that Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet. Purple has slowly been creeping into our decorating for a while. Maybe because it’s a surprising color. Maybe because we’re just fed up with pink. But everywhere you look, you’ll see purple. Thankfully you don’t have to go with a bright popping purple to get in on the trend. Dipping your toes in with lavender will let you adjust to the idea in your home and help you transition to brighter colors in the future. Here’s how you can put lavender in every room of your house to pave the way for all kinds of purple decor.

Traditional living room lavender curtainsView in gallery

Let’s start in the living room. As we’re spring cleaning and decorating with pastels, it seems the perfect time to add a drop of lavender to the mix. Hanging lavender curtains is a great way to bring that fresh luxurious feel to your space.

Contemporary living room lavender accentsView in gallery

Looking to try and work lavender into your home in a more permanent way? Consider adding a new accent chair or set of poufs in the soft shade. They will effectively steal the show.{found on styleathome}.

Contemporary living room lavender sofaView in gallery

Of course those of us who are die hard lavender fans, we’re looking for lavender to make a big splash in our decor. If that sounds like you, take a risk and go for the sofa. Chances are that it will make you fall even more in love with lavender.

Contemporary kitchen with lavender bar chairsView in gallery

Did you know that you can bring lavender into the kitchen? By choosing an easy switch like these lavender bar stools, you’ll make your entire kitchen seem more up to date and ready for spring.

Contemporary kitchen lavender islandView in gallery

Maybe you’re itching to dip a paintbrush into lavender paint. Time to get creative and paint your kitchen island. While it’s probably already a gathering place for family time and parties, the unexpected color will be a big draw.

Farmhouse kitchen lavender cabinetsView in gallery

Are you trying to bring that hint of English cottage to your contemporary home? Time for a major kitchen change. Painting your cabinets lavender will be the perfect bit of pastel without resorting to English roses.

Contemporary bathroom lavendar wallsView in gallery

While painting the walls might be the easiest way to bring lavender into your bathroom, there are other ways too. The first step should be to change out your towels. There’s nothing like a soft pastel towel to give you that spa feel.

Contemporary bathroom lavender tubView in gallery

Are you lucky enough to own a clawfoot tub? It’s time to give that baby a makeover with a little coat of paint. A lavender clawfoot tub will be the crowning glory of your personal space and you’ll never want to leave it.

Lavender contemporary bathroom wallpaperView in gallery

Wallpapered bathrooms are having a moment so if you’re considering hopping on that trend, why not choose a lavender wallpaper? Something with a soft texture that will feel spa-like and not Grandma’s bathroom.

Lavender barn door for bathroomView in gallery

When you’re trying to design a minimal bedroom, colors probably aren’t part of the equation. However, painting a bedroom barn door in lavender will help you personalize your space without adding too much for the eyes.

Farmhouse bedroom lavender beddingView in gallery

Want to know another easy way to put lavender in your bedroom? Lavender bedding! Whether that’s lavender sheets under a white duvet or a lavender duvet atop white sheets, you’ll appreciate the soft shade when you get into bed each night.

Lavender bedroom tufted headboardView in gallery

Who wouldn’t want their bedroom to feel like a hotel getaway? Match as much of your bedroom accents as possible in a lavender color and you will feel like you stepped into someone else’s gorgeous bedroom every day.

Lavendar nursery wall artView in gallery

Bedrooms for kids is a perfect place to incorporate lavender. Even if the rest of the room is neutral, a lavender statement print on the wall will give both you and baby a peaceful scene, no matter the time of day or night.

Lavender nursery light shadesView in gallery

So many baby girl nurseries default to pink. But lavender is such a sweet shade that you won’t mind painting the whole room with it. Plus you can get those brighter purple accents you’ve been looking at.

Kids room lavendar wallsView in gallery

Another nice thing about a lavender nursery is that most likely, your little one won’t mind growing into the color. That lavender background can always be a space of peace and rest as she changes her decor with her moods.