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Pumpkin Carving Kits, Designs and Cool Ideas For A Truly Special Halloween

Ready to start carving some pumpkins? This is always something fun to do around Halloween and it’s nice to try something different every year to keep things challenging and interesting. This year it could help to use a specific kind of pumpkin carving kit to help you try out some new designs and techniques.

There are lots of different ways to carve a pumpkin and having the right tools for the job makes a huge difference. With that in mind, let’s check out a few different kits and see what they can be used for. Perhaps one of these ideas can inspire you. 

Pumpkin carving designs, techniques and ideas

Owl pumpkin carving

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Have you ever wondered how people manage to carve and decorate pumpkins without actually making any holes in them? They just carve out the surface and make these intricate designs that look amazing.

They’re done using a pumpkin carving kit that includes a pointed tool among other things, something similar to what is described on welcometonanas. That was used here to create this cute woodland owl pattern. Check out the tutorial to see how this was made. 

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Cat skeleton

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This skeleton cat pattern is both spooky and cute, perhaps one more than the other. The idea is to have i sculpted into the pumpkin and for that, you need a surface big enough to start with. You can print out this pattern and change its dimensions if needed.

Some sections need to be carved deeper so the light can shine through a little bit and make the pattern visible at night. Having the right tools is important and so is being patient and not rushing the project because one wrong move and the whole thing can be ruined in a second. Check out vintagekitty for more details about this design. 

Feather Carved Pumpkin

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If you like simple and clean designs and you’re a fan of geometric patterns, you might enjoy making a pumpkin lantern that looks something like this. Notice the top is cut off and the interior is hollowed.

There’s also a whole bunch of rectangle-shaped holes all around the pumpkin and the trick to get them all to look so clean and to match one another is using the right tool. A Sonicrafter F30 was used in this particular case and it did a wonderful job plus it made this project quite easy and quick. Check out the instructions on remodelandolacasa

More character

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You can also use a few extra accessories when carving out your pumpkin just to give it a bit more character. If you’re carving out a spooky face for example you can insert some fake vampire teeth and instead of carving them out. It’s a lot easier for you and it looks more interesting as well.

You can also think of other parts that you can design differently than usual and that you can use props for. Perhaps for the eyes, you can come up with a spooky idea. Check out craftinomicon for inspiration. 

Monogram carving

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If you enjoy carving pumpkins but you don’t really want to go with the classic jack-o-lantern design this year, how about something a bit more neutral like a monogrammed pumpkin instead? It can look classy and stylish and still have a subtle Halloween-inspired vibe.

There’s a bit of carving involved and for that you’ll need to use some special tools. A typical pumpkin carving kit should provide you with everything you need. From there you can come up with a custom design for the rest of the pumpkin. You can use paint, bits of paper and glue, glitter and all sorts of other things. Let this design from thewonderforest inspire you. 

Tetris carving

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Can you believe that you can actually play Tetris on this pumpkin? It’s not just carved out to look like a little Tetris grid but it actually lets you play the game using the stem as a controller. Of course, there’s a lot more involved here than just carving out those little holes into the side of the pumpkin. In fact, that’s the easiest part of all.

You need to do some coding and some soldering and you need a few special tools and components for this to work. Check out handmadecharlotte to find out where the inspiration for this project came from and how you can do it yourself. 

Faux pumpkin

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Faux pumpkins can be carved and decorated too. The process is a little bit different than the way you would normally carve a real pumpkin but it’s based on the same principle. Use appropriate tools based on the material that your pumpkin is made of.

Also, have fun painting and decorating it after carving it. Isn’t this one lovely? It looks like a cut and a bit spooky monster and it has glitter dripping on its face. You can find out all about it in this tutorial from craftcreatecook

Carving relief patterns into pumpkins

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As you probably know, there’s also a way to carve relief patterns into pumpkins. That way you create a sort of 3D pattern on it by exposing the lighter-colored wall of the pumpkin underneath the surface.

To do this you need the same tools that are used for carving linoleum blocks which you can probably find at your local art store or order online. Once you get a hold of the technique you can really start to become creative with your patterns and designs. Check out thebluebrick for more details about this particular technique. 

Carved, Glittered & Painted Funkin

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If you’re using a faux pumpkin then you can carve out the pattern into it using a Dremel tool with a few different attachments like an engraving cutter and a grinding stone. That way you can create intricate patterns and add depth to the design and the lines will be clean and smooth.

A monogrammed pumpkin is something simple that you can do using this technique. One the carving is done, use paint, glitter and whatever else comes to mind to add some color and character to your design. More details and ideas can be found on handmadeintheheartland

Carved with a drill

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Another cool technique that you can use is to carve your pumpkin using a drill. You will also need something to cut around the stem and to remove the top so you can clean the inside of the pumpkin and get rid of the seeds and guts but that part actually comes at the very end.

First, you need to drill the holes into the pumpkin. You can print out a pattern or come up with your own. Mark the spots where holes need to be drilled and use different-sized bits if needed. It’s quick, easy and not as messy as other techniques. More info can be found on craftynest

10 pumpkin carving kits that you can buy

Jack-O-Lanterns 13 Piece Professional Carvin Tools Kit

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There are 13 pieces in this Halloween pumpkin carving kit which is a fitting number given the theme. It also means that you get all the tools you need to finally make those amazing-looking jack-o-lanterns that you’ve been thinking about for so long. The kit includes 6 double-sided stainless steel detail sculpting tools, cutting and carving tools, a sharp heavy-duty scoop tool and a scraper that can handle even the largest and toughest pumpkins, 2 tooth saws, 2 hole and circle punches and an engraving pen. You can get it on amazon

Pumpkin Punchers – Pumpkin Carving Kit For Kids

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Carving pumpkins is a very fun thing to do as a kid even if the designs that you make are not the most intricate, detailed or amazing-looking. Of course, the usual pumpkin carving tools and kits are not safe for the kids but this one is. It includes 31 pieces in total, all made of stainless steel and very durable but also safe to be used by kids. It includes a whole bunch of stencils similar to cookie cutters which come in lots of different shapes. They can be used to easily carve out jack-o-lanterns without using a knife but a rubber mallet instead. 

Woodcarving Knife Set-20 Pcs Hand Carving Tool Set

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Some of the tools used for carving pumpkins are actually multifunctional. This hand carving tool set for example can also be used for carving soap, wood and other materials too. It includes 20 special tools which can be used for carving and engraving and they’re perfect for really putting those small details into your design that give your jack-o-lantern character and make it look spookier than ever. The tools are durable and ergonomic and they’re made of carbon steel. The kit includes 12 carving knives, a whetstone, a carpenter pencil, a wooden ruler, 2 pieces of sandpaper, 2 wipe cloths and a storage case. 

Pumpkin Carving Kit Tools & Over 1000 Stencils Template Ebook for Kids & Adults

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In case you don’t want to clutter your workspace with lots of tools, a smaller kit with only the basics could prove to be more practical. This for example is a 9 piece pumpkin carving kit which includes the following tools: 3 saws, a knife, an etching tool, a drill, a scoop and a zippered nylon case to hold them all plus an ebook with more than 1000 templates and stencils that you can use to bring your vision to life. The tools have grippy matte handles and the whole kit is conveniently small and easy to carry so you can take it with you wherever needed. 

Premium 3 Piece Pumpkin Carving Kit

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This kit only includes three items. You get a scooper, a saw and a poker, three basic and important tools that can be used along with others to create amazing and unique patterns and designs. They’re made of stainless steel and they’re all heavy-duty and very durable so you can keep using them year after year. The design is simple and versatile, with a nice orange accent on the handles to suit the Halloween theme. 

Halloween Haunters Ultimate 14 Piece Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

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If you’re looking to get a complete pumpkin carving kit with all the tools you’ll ever need, consider this one. It consists of 14 different tools and accessories which can be used in any configuration you need to create lots of different designs and to create all sorts of beautiful jack-o-lanterns. The tools are made of durable stainless steel and have handles made of either hardwood or plastic, depending on the type of tool. The kit includes the following: a scoop tool with scraper, 4 double-sided sculpting tools, 2 loop tools for detail carving, 2 large rind carving loops, a hole cutter, a chisel and three saws. 

Halloween 19 Pieces Upgrade Soft Grip Handle Pumpkin Carving Kit with Stencils

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With this pumpkin carving kit you get all you’re going to need to make a jack-o-lantern from start to finish. You get not only the tools necessary for carving and detailing the pumpkin but also six spooky stencils and two candles so you can light up your creating when it’s done. The items included are 6 double-sided sculpting tools, 2 sharp tooth saws, a heavy-duty scooper, an etching tool, a drill, 2 LED candles and 6 stencils. You also get a zipper nylon case so you can easily carry the kit with you. 

Upgrade Anti-Slip Rubber Handle 10 Pcs Pumpkin Carving Tools Set with Zipper Bag

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Here’s another kit that gives you both the tools needed for carving pumpkins and some stencils to get you started. This one includes 10 pieces in total. You get a pumpkin shovel, a V-shaped carving tool, a drill nail, a small carving knife, 2 etching tools, 4 different saw tools, 6 paper templates and a case that can hold them all. Notice all the tools have ergonomic handles that prevent slipping as well as a black and orange Halloween-themed design. 

KeShi Cordless Rotary Tool

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We mentioned in one of the projects that you can use a rotary carver to to create some really detailed designs on your pumpkin, whether it’s a real or a faux one. This cordless rotary tool is an excellent one for that. It comes with a complete accessory kit that gives you 42 swappable heads. The attachments are easy to use and make pumpkin carving not just easy but very fun as well. They allow you to explore and create new designs using new techniques. The kit includes the following attachments: 3 collets, a mandrel, a drill head, a polishing drum, 24 sanding bands, 6 grinding stones, 5 diamond tip bits and a storage case.

MeiGuiSha 10 Pieces Professional Wooden Pumpkin Carving Tools Kit

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In addition to all these tools that you can use for carving pumpkins this kit also comes with a beautiful case that gives it a professional and elegant look. It includes 10 pieces in total which consist of scoops, loops, knives, a saw, a poker tool, an etching tool and a scraper so you can make the whole lantern from start to finish without needing anything else. The tools are made of stainless steel and very durable and they have wooden or plastic handles.