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Pull Out Chair Bed A Space-Saving Guest Bed Alternative

Not everyone has the option of living in a large, spacious environment, whether due to financial restrictions or location, such as the urban living of New York City, where apartments can be quite small. Having furniture that’s great for space-saving can really make a difference between feeling cramped and properly utilizing the space you have to create a crisp, open feel. If you’re looking for ways to minimize furniture due to having a small studio apartment, you can benefit from something like a pull out chair bed, which doubles as seating during the day and sleeping area at night.

A convertible chair can also be a great addition to your home if you like to have overnight visitors but don’t have a guest room. Using one of these chairs can quickly and easily convert your seemingly small home to an adequately sized, functional home with little effort and a lot of great style.

What to Look for in a Pull out Chair Bed or Convertible Chair

When deciding which pull out chair bed is going to work best for you, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the main concerns will be the amount of space you have and the location of this chair. You will want to check dimensions of the chair, both sitting up and pulled out, so you can make sure your home can accommodate the size.

Additionally, you should consider the sort of design you’ve employed in your home. Are you going to want something that is more contemporary with sharp angles and clean lines, or are you a fan of antiques? Because you’ll be using the convertible chair a lot, you want to make sure it’s got quality construction with high end parts, especially the moving pieces.

You’ll also want to assure that, whether it’s your daily seating or your nightly resting place, it’s comfortable for use and won’t cause you any issues with getting the rest and relaxation you need. If you’re considering buying a pull out chair for your home, take a look at these incredible options that comprise some of the best pull out and convertible chair options on the market.

Top 15 Best Pull out Chair Bed or Convertible Chair

1. Yellow Shayne Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

If you have a penchant for mid-century modern design and need a versatile piece for your living and sleeping space, take a look at the Ivy Bronx Shayne Convertible Chair. With the buttoned upholstery that brings to mind the furniture popular sixty years ago and the update of cleaner lines around the edges, this piece is a perfect addition to a transitional design based on that neo-classic appearance. You have a wide choice of colors and two different types of upholstery.

If you’re looking for a softer material, the twill covering comes in gray, yellow, orange, and teal, which create a bright addition to your home. If you like the look of leather, you can choose to order this chair in a faux leather upholstery in white, red, gray, or black. The pull out chair bed itself is crafted using heavy duty springs and foam in both the back and seat for comfort and support while sitting or sleeping. The wooden legs of the chair and other internal wooden elements are crafted from oak and pine for strength and security. The chair comes partially assembled so you don’t have to figure out the entire construction. The seat and back pull out to lay flat for sleeping. The product comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty against defects. This chair is lightweight at just 41 pounds.

The overall dimensions of the chair measure 36 inches wide, 34 inches deep, and 30 inches high, with the legs measuring 7 inches tall, the arms 22.5 inches from the floor, and sleep position offering dimensions measuring 25 inches long and 43 inches wide. You’ll need to purchase pillows, ottoman, and other accessories separately, as they aren’t included with the purchase of the chair.

2. Jeanne Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

If you’re looking to save space and maintain elegance with a reliably durable and well-crafted product that provides the ultimate comfort, try the Latitud Run Jeanne Convertible Chair. One of the best things about this pull out chair bed is that it offers multiple color options to meet your design needs choose from dark gray with summer orange top, light gray with dark gray top, dark gray with ocean blue top, or dark gray with eggplant top. Fit your own pillows and bedding to the design for customized appeal.

Overall construction of the chair is ideal, utilizing a metal frame for structural strength, foam filling for absolute comfort, and polyester upholstery for a clean look and cool sitting or sleeping space. The simplicity of the design makes it functional regardless of your overall theme in the area where you intend to keep it, and the ease of transitioning the piece from an upright chair to a completely flatbed is convenient.

The materials used are resistant to scratches, stains, tears, water, mildew, and fading, giving you the ultimate longevity and durability of use. The chair comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defects for your protection. The entire piece weighs 88 pounds, and upright measurements are 34.6 inches wide, 37.4 inches deep, and 34.6 inches high.

3. Longoria Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

For something with a modern appearance and great versatility, the Ebern Designs Longoria Convertible Chair is a great solution. Structured to appear like a comfortably cushioned office chair, this plush design incorporates padded metal arms for comfort while lounging and offers five different adjustable positions, including a fully flat sleep position. The metal frame supports a foam cushion that is comfortable whether reading and watching television or laying down to get peaceful sleep.

A sponge pillow is included that doubles as back support or a sleep pillow so you can rest easy. The upholstery is extremely luxurious, incorporating both 100% linen and faux suede, so you have the ultimate softness and high-grade materials. The dark gray color makes it suitable for any environment, regardless of your taste in décor. The legs are finished in silver for an elevated appearance as well. Overall, the entire chair weighs only 38.6 pounds, making it easy to move and set up in various locations without assistance. In the upright position, it measures 27.2 inches wide, 25.6 inches deep, and 31.5 inches high, whereas the flat sleep position measures 23.6 inches wide, 73.2 inches long, and 9.8 inches high.

4. Babineau Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

Whether you need extra seating, a place to rest feet like an ottoman, or a small addition that allows for napping, the Wrought Studio Babineau Convertible Chair is configured to meet your needs. A sleek and elegant modern piece, the clean lines and chic silver legs are a great focal point that are minimalistic and add value to your home. With choices of mellow ivory and true ivory, you can easily make the piece blend into your overall home design without question and adding a couple of throw pillows in accent colors can complete the look.

The metal frame is highly durable and sturdy, while the foam filling makes it relaxing and comfortable for seating, footrest, or sleeping. The polyester blend upholstery is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about specialty cleaning products. The pullout chair bed reclines and lays flat so you can either prop your feet up or support a weight of up to 300 pounds for sleep.

The chair only weighs 38 pounds, so it’s easy to maneuver into position as needed without assistance. In the upright reclined position, it measures 36.25 inches wide, 37 inches deep, and 29 inches high. Some assembly is required, and the product warranty does not cover commercial or industrial use.

5. Felica Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

If you’re looking for a minimalist approach to home décor but need both sleek elegance and incredible functionality, the Orren Ellis Felica Convertible Chair might be your answer. The pull out chair bed is built upon a sturdy metal frame with clean lines that show in the straight square chrome finished legs, which elevate the overall appearance. With three possible positions, the chair can double as either a bed or a chaise lounge, giving you great versatility and value in one simple piece of furniture.

The extra thick foam filling provides incredible comfort whether sitting, lounging, or sleeping, and the polyester upholstery has detailed stitching for added durability and design. It comes with a single accent pillow that can be used for sleeping as well. You have a choice of colors, including pewter gray, beige, taupe, navy, black, and aqua, so you can either have a true focal point with a brighter color or have it blend into your surroundings with the appropriate neutral color. It has a 300-pound capacity and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The chair weighs 58 pounds and measures 34 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 31 inches high, converting into a bed that measures 24 inches wide, 78 inches deep, and 10.5 inches high.

6. Wolfe 30.71″ Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

The Mercury Row Wolfe 30.71 Inch Convertible Chair is an ideal option if you’re looking for something more than a functional space saving element and desire a piece that’s going to stand out with wow factor. Part of the beauty of this particular pull out chair bed is that, while you have the option to choose a simple neutral sand upholstery, it’s also available in brilliant, warm colors. Choose a bright coral or an appeasing teal to really showcase the chair in your home. Unlike some similar products, you get the benefit of a solid wood frame that utilizes sinuous springs in the construction of the seat for added support and comfort.

The back is filled with foam for even more relaxation, whether sitting or lying down. Cushions are also removable, which isn’t common in a convertible chair, and a toss pillow is included for extra support while sitting or sleeping. The chair will lay down completely flat for a perfect sleep space, giving you added room for company. The polyester blend upholstery is designed to assist with heat dispersal for a cooler sleep, and it’s easy to clean without specialized products. While it will support up to 220 pounds easily, it only weighs 46.3 pounds. The chair measures 30 inches wide, 35 inches deep, and 31.9 inches high in the upright position. When converted into a bed, it’s 11 inches high and 72 inches long, with a 5-inch-thick mattress.

7. Aaronsburg Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

Are you in the market for a simple design that is easy to clean, functional in multiple ways, and is heavy duty for greater capacity? Check out the Grovelane Aaronsburg Convertible Chair. This armless design is based on clean lines and angles that really make it easy to become an element of any design style you prefer, making it quite versatile in terms of where you can use it. The frame is a blend of metal, solid wood, and manufactured wood for the added benefit of reduced weight while maintaining a super sturdy build.

The construction allows for a capacity of up to 350 pounds. The fill material for the entire piece is foam, so it’s comfortable and contours to the body quite well. The upholstery is 100% polyester so it’s breathable and easy to clean. It comes in three basic neutral shades of black, gray, and beige, with an added option for pink that can make it a centerpiece or a conversation starter. Use as a chair, chaise lounge, or completely flat for a bed. The chair weighs 78 pounds and measures 31 inches wide, 27 inches deep, and inches high as a chair (though the pink version is actually 43.5 inches deep). When converted to a bed, it measures 76 inches long and 10 inches high. It comes with a 30-day limited warranty for your protection.

8. Stanton Drew 39.37″ Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

When it comes to needing seating for two that can still double as a sleep space for a guest, you might want to consider the Latitude Run Stanton Drew 39.37 Inch Convertible Chair. This slightly wider version of a pull out chair bed offers you the opportunity to cuddle up with someone special in either a chair or chaise lounge position to watch your favorite movie or binge your favorite shows, or to lay it flat for guests who stay overnight, when you don’t have a lot of space.

You can choose a neutral gray, or you can think a bit outside the box and create a showpiece by opting for blue, green, or blush. The frame is crafted from solid and manufactured wood for durability with a lower weight, and the cushioning is all foam for comfort. The velvet upholstery is soft and welcoming. The seat also contains sinuous springs for added support. The chair comes with two toss pillows that are both convenient for comfort while sitting and useful for sleeping.

Partial assembly is required, but all necessary hardware and tools are provided in the packaging. Upright, the chair measures 47.64 inches wide, 36.22 inches deep, and 32.28 inches high. As a bed, it folds out to a length of 74.8 inches and a height of 10.63 inches. The chair weighs just under 66 pounds but can support up to 300 pounds easily.

9. Leola 39.76″ Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

If you like the most minimalistic appearance with extreme functionality and comfort that you can put even in the smallest empty corner of your space and move around as needed to accommodate guests, the Latitude Run Leola 39.76 Inch Convertible Chair is the perfect solution. Simple, unobtrusive lines make this piece blend into the background so that you have a functional element that doesn’t overwhelm your overall design theme. With a solid wood frame, this pull out chair bed is extremely durable, while the silver finished legs give it a modern appearance.

The tufted cushions incorporate high density foam and sinuous springs for support as well as comfort that is flawless, and you have a removable cushion on the back that can double as a pillow when you lay the chair flat for sleeping. Some assembly is necessary, but all the hardware and any tool you’ll need is included with the chair purchase. The upholstery is a cool, easy to clean polyester that comes in gray or ivory so you can pick your preference. While it’s rated for up to 220 pounds, it only weighs 64 pounds. When upright, the chair measures 39.75 inches wide, 35.4 inches deep, and 39.75 inches high. When converted to a bed, you have a mattress that is 5.5 inches thick.

10. Onderdonk 29.1” Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

The Wrought Studios Onderdonk 29.1 Inch Convertible Chair gives you a low-cost solution to the need for extra space to accommodate overnight guests or to create a dual use piece in a studio apartment. While it’s light on the budget, it’s heavy on charm and functionality, with five different possible positions and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. With a frame crafted from metal and solid wood, the pull out chair bed is sturdy, durable, and long lasting for repeated use.

The foam fill material guarantees comfort in whichever position you choose, whether sitting upright, lounging on the chaise, or sleeping in the flat bed. The faux leather upholstery gives a high end feel without the added cost or care of true leather, making this chair easy to wipe clean every day. But this isn’t your standard leather appearance, offered instead in the brilliant shade choices of green, orange, or blue to make it stand out as an accent piece.

The chair is extremely light, weighing only 24 pounds, so you can easily move it from place to place or even store it when not in use. It measures 29.1 inches wide, with a seat that’s 18.1 inches deep, and it has an overall height of 24 inches. As a bed, it lays down to a height of 9.45 inches high and 83 inches long with a 6-inch-thick mattress.

11. Hersey Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

If you like the old-fashioned look of tufted leather but want something that’s easier to care for and clean, the Ebern Design Hersey Convertible Chair is right for you. The upholstery of this pull out chair bed is faux leather, which is far more durable and easier to clean and keep like new than real leather but maintains that natural leather appearance. The glossy black hue is reminiscent of lodge style furnishings, with stitched tufts across the back and seat to complete the design.

The back and seat are filled with foam for a comfortable solution to seating as well as sleeping, and it’s all supported by a sturdy metal frame. The white legs offer a bit of mid-century modern appeal to the overall construction of the chair, and the convenience of a removable back cushion helps you configure the chair as you like in whichever position you choose. All the tools required to assemble the unit are included for your convenience. Rated to support up to 220 pounds, the chair only weighs 58 pounds, measuring 31.5 inches wide, 39 inches deep, and 27.4 inches high. When in the sleep position at full recline, the chair extends from 29 inches to 77 inches.

12. Rafia Palmar Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

For something with a more traditional armchair appearance that has all the functionality you need from a pull out chair bed, the Brayden Studio Rafia Palmar Convertible Chair has everything to offer that you could desire. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, you know it’s sturdy and durable, with a frame crafted from both solid poplar and manufactured wood to create reliability without too much weight. The chair is filled with synthetic fiber that is hypoallergenic and cozy for both sitting and laying down.

The upholstery is a soft and luxurious linen blend that both looks and feels high end. The gray color means that you have a piece that is versatile in design, agreeing with other elements no matter what your theme or style. Aside from fiber, the seat also includes coil springs for added support while reading or watching television.

Two chairs are included in an order, so you can make sure all your furniture matches and gives you grand accommodations. The product comes with a two-year warranty for your protection. Each chair measures 37 inches wide, 34 inches deep, and 34 inches high, with a reclined sleep area of 23.8 inches by 43.3 inches. The chair weighs 68 pounds so isn’t too heavy or difficult to move.

13. Capriola Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair


If you like a more traditional look to an armchair, with classically curved arms and thick cushioning, but you need a space saver with a bonus ability for extra sleep options, you should invest in the set of 2 Latitude Run Capriola Convertible Chairs. The appearance takes you back in time, with a mid-century modern appeal that incorporates design elements from the 50s and 60s with a more updated style and build. The frame is built of solid and manufactured wood to give you a very solid build without the added weight, and the hefty back and seat cushioning incorporate foam and synthetic fiber for the ultimate comfort during the day and at night.

The rounded arms include the same luxurious linen blend upholstery as the rest of the pull out chair bed, giving you the perfect feel that is both cool and soft while remaining resistant to wear and tear and being easy to clean. Brown and light brown color options give you a choice as to which neutral color works better among the rest of your décor. These chairs can each readily handle 200 pounds and come with a 2-year warranty. Each weigh 66 pounds, meaning you won’t break your back moving them, and they measure 39 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 36 inches high, folding down to a bed that offers a length of 44.5 inches.

14. Trix Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

Are you ready to invest in a piece that’s going to give you optimal versatility, long term durability, and incredible comfort with unbeatable functionality? Take into consideration the Kartell Trix Convertible Chair. This pull out chair bed is a nontraditional option for seating and more in your tight space. Use it as an armchair, a pouf for two, a chaise lounge, or a bed, allowing you to accommodate all your needs with one piece of furniture so you don’t have to pack your space tightly with multiple items.

If you like more traditional, neutral colors, choose the slate option, or if you want it to stand out, try the orange. This convertible chair is actually formed of three cushions in different sizes that are linked together so you can configure them in different ways for different situations. All cushions are made of polyurethane, which is durable, cool to the touch, and comfortable. It has a removable cover for easy upkeep, which is made of 100% polyester for greater breathability and long-lasting performance. The chair weighs only 28.7 pounds so it’s easily mobile. It’s 39.37 inches wide, and other dimensions vary based on configuration, with a full-length bed that’s 79 inches long and a chair that’s 29.5 inches deep.

15. Soham Convertible Chair

Soham Convertible Chair

Traditional style and modern design blend to create a functional but aesthetically pleasing element of your home design with the 17 Stories Soham Convertible Chair. The over-sized round feet and the rivets in the arms of the chair are classic and bring back elements of mid-century modern design, also reminiscent of lodge décor. The frame construction includes both solid and manufactured wood so that you get great comfort and quality without ending up with an overweight beast of a chair.

The pull out chair bed uses foam and synthetic fiber for fill material, so it’s more durable and long lasting, as well as hypoallergenic and great at heat dispersal. The upholstery is comprised of both a high end, luxurious linen blend and a beautiful, realistic faux leather, leading to comfort without concern for durability and cleanliness. The deep brown is very traditional and falls in line with any design elements due to its neutrality.

All of this is also fade and stain resistant. This chair comes with a 2-year warranty, is rated to hold 250 pounds, and weighs just 75 pounds. The chair measures 24 inches wide, 35 inches deep, and 34 inches high, laying back fully to give you approximately 50 inches of sleep space.


Whatever your taste in décor and furnishing, and whatever needs you have for additional sleep options without taking up extra space, there is a solution for you. Consider these widely varied options and think about the amount of room you have, the style you prefer, and how essential various details are to you. Perhaps you prefer a certain material, or maybe you need a full-length bed when the pull out chair bed is converted. Do you want your convertible chair to stand out or blend in? Once you’ve determined these factors, it’s going to be much easier to pinpoint the one you want to buy.