Printed Glass Tiles and Printed Shower Doors by

You want to change something on your house, why you don’t start with some Printed Glass Tiles and Printed Shower Doors. With the new creation of Sprinz , you can transform a traditional tile into a modern work of art. Featuring high-quality, photo-realistic image printing, these glass tiles and glass doors boast all the beauty of your favorite image, but without the unsightly interruptions caused by gaps between tiles or joints on doors.


It’s a very simple and very effective way of decorating your bathroom with style. Printed tiles are a great way of changing the appearance of the bathroom or kitchen and turning it into a whole different place. These glass tiles allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create a very original and unique design. And if you really want to create something interesting, than you’ll also choose the printed glass shower doors.


You can incorporate your favorite images or pictures into the design and create a personalized and unique space. The bathroom is the most intimate and personal space from the house, so you can use this opportunity to create a very pleasant space. The results are impressive. You can have a modern and beautiful bathroom in no time by choosing these colorful and beautiful glass tiles or the printed shower doors, or maybe even both.