Practical Umbrella Table by Caspar Schmitz

Umbrellas are useful objects that protect us from the bad weather. When it is raining outside it becomes our best friend. Instead of getting wet, catching a cold, we get a nice shelter and feel comfortable.

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An umbrella can also help us enjoy a romantic walk in the rain with someone that we love.Caspar Schmitz does not propose us a usual umbrella but an original umbrella table. It is a foldable table that takes the shape of an ordinary umbrella. It is round and very practical. You can enjoy your cup of tea or coffee with your friend on a beautiful afternoon.

In case you do not want to use it you can find a place for it and you get some free space. When it is folded you get the shape of a usual umbrella but it does not protect you from rain, it makes your life nicer and easier.

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