Powell Brown Cherry 3-Legged Accent Table

I admire those days when furniture was not just furniture, but a work of art, showing the inspiration and imagination of talented people. Every leg of every chair and small table was beautifully decorated  with wooden craft: leaves and flowers sculpted in wood. OK, I’ll admit – I was born in the wrong century, but I do love nice and creative furniture. So when I found this wonderful round table on the Internet I was really thrilled.

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This is a traditional wooden table with a round top, three legs and a lower shelf. The three legs are craved in wood and look like three letters “S” and they all support the table top. The leg look like a lion’s legs and the first impression is further confirmed by the presence of a brass lion’s head on the front of the table, in the place where the legs meet the top. This table is in “Brown cherry” and it can easily be used as a decoration itself or you can simply use it as a chic and pretty table. You can purchase this item now on Amazon for $121.57.