Pool Glass Coffee Table by Bensen

Glass topped coffee tables are a popular choice in coffee tables industry; however, etched designs in a glass coffee table are not as widely available. The living room is the heart of your home, so you’ll want something that provides the feeling of warmth and beauty. This is what you get with glass coffee tables.

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At first glance, the Pool table appears as a square floating above the floor. The clear glass sides and colored top combine to make a table that is simple in its aesthetic appeal and exact in its execution. The Pool Glass Coffee Table was designed by Bensen and comes in a palette of colors and sizing allowing for unique combinations by nesting different pieces .

It’s a beautiful and elegant piece. As many coffee tables designs, this one had to have something special so the designers chose glass. Now it’s a real tradition for the coffee tables to have ingenious and surprising designs. People are more and more hard to please. They get bored really easy by the old designs and they always demand more. And that’s good in you’re a furniture designer because it keeps you busy.If you decide to buy one you can find for 650$.