Stylish Tables Reveal The Beauty Of Plywood

Plywood furniture is not exactly a symbol of quality and style, although it is very popular in some regions. But this material has a bunch of surprising qualities and can look really stylish. Plywood tables and chairs are especially exquisite, featuring some really wonderful designs. They’re appreciated for their sleek and delicate forms and overall elegant nature. Each of the following tables uses plywood in its own way and offers beauty to a variety of different decors and settings.

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eames-plwood-table1View in gallery

The Eames® Molded Plywood Coffee Table is a classic. It was originally designed in 1946 and it still reflects the authentic beauty with which Charles and Ray Eames started experimenting more than seven decades ago. The table is featured here in a chic living room infused with soft lines, delicate textures and rounded forms. It’s easy to also envision it in a variety of other settings.

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Another elegant furniture piece with a classic look is the Emfurn coffee table which is also made of molded plywood. It has smoothly bent plywood legs and it’s actually a reproduction of the Eames table described above. The two tables have similar forms although they’re clearly different, this one being a bit simpler and less detailed.

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Moving on to something different, let’s check out this side table by Slideart. It has a round top and four thin legs and it’s made of plywood just like all the others in this list. Its design is simple and versatile enough to also be used as a stool. This makes it really practical for small or transitional spaces such as a hallway, entryway, a small living room, a reading nook or a bedroom.

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The concept proposed by Table 01 is a very interesting and unusual one. This is a table that can only exist in harmony with items that aren’t related to its design. Usually the coffee table may provide storage for books and its top might be used for holding drinks. In the case of this particular table, those things became a part of the design and the table can’t actually exist without them, losing its balance and becoming a pair of independent blocks.

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Plywood is often appreciated for its flexibility. Designers use it to create beautiful tables and furniture pieces with soft and elegant curves and delicate forms. This coffee table is a wonderful example and there are many others just as beautiful and stylish. Moreover, this design is versatile because the piece can also be used as a side table.

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Plywood tables are appreciated for their lightweight structures and casual looks. A lot of them also have designs that give them a nice feminine and delicate appearance. A nice example is this pink wished coffee table which is in fact a DIY project. That means you can build something similar by yourself and you’d only need some plywood, hairpin legs, paint, a drill and some masking tape. Check out fallfordiy for a detailed tutorial on the project and for useful tips that will help you along the way.