Party Tables All Dressed Up For Special Celebrations

We each have our own types of parties that we like to attend. Some like crowds and loud music and others prefer something a bit more formal. Some parties and celebrations revolve around beautifully set tables and that’s what we’re going to focus on today. Party tables require attention to detail and also some knowledge of how to set a table depending of course on the level of formality and the type of decor you choose for the occasion. Together we’ll have a look at some party decoration ideas focused on tables.

Black and white with gold accents party table decor

Let’s start with the basics. What type of tables do you want to use? Decide this based on the number of guests you’re expecting and the things they have in common. A single large table would put everyone together but won’t allow everyone to interact as easily as if they were seated at smaller tables with fewer people around them.

Party table decor in white and black

Several small tables can be a good option for small and intimate parties and casual and relaxed decors. Several small tables can also be a more suited option for open spaces or large living rooms.

Flowers party table centerpiece

If you choose to organize your guests on several small tables then you have a bunch of decor options. For instance, the tables can share in common a few things such as the tablecloths that cover them or the tableware. They can also be decorated individually with things like vases or centerpieces.

Parasols party tables decor

It can be interesting to alternate two or more colors and to make each small table stand out and contrast with its neighbors without looking out of place. Maintain cohesiveness through shape or size and make things special using color.

Neon Party Table Decor

On the other hand, the option of having a single large table is also valid in certain cases. For instance, this Valentine’s Day tablescape idea is pretty interesting and unusual, consider that usually couples opt for something more intimate. This is a way to connect people in a romantic and festive setting.

Dining table for Party

When hosting a dinner party, there are a few rules you need to take into consideration. We’re talking about the basics such as the order in which you place the flatware and everything else on the table or the way the accessories are disposed.

Roses party table decor

You can keep things simple and classy. For example, cover the table with a white tablecloth and use matching plates. The napkins can feature a contrasting color that matches the centerpieces and even some of the glasses.

Themed safari party table decor

Create a more natural and less formal ambiance by opting to not use a tablecloth. Also, instead of the traditional floral centerpieces use some votive candles or something else that helps create a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Chic table decor for party

The black and white combo is timeless and always looks beautiful so consider these two colors for your table decor. They’d look beautiful in combination with a wooden table and some simple and clear glasses.

Black party decor table decor

Round tables are better at making everyone feel connected and comfortable. They allow people to see each other and to interact more easily as opposed to a rectangular table, especially a large one. Round tables are also great because they leave you space in the middle for a centerpiece.

Cool chairs for party tables

Of course, the little things like glasses, napkins and plates aren’t the only ones that matter. There are also plenty of other features you must focus on and this includes the table itself as well as the chairs around it. These chairs have a high back and sculptural frames which makes them look dramatic and imposing.

Formal Dark Table Decor For party

When all the big things are taken care of, it’s time to customize your party table with details such as beautiful napkin rings. It’s these small things that actually create the desired ambiance and decor.

Beautiful party table decor in a monochromatic tone

You should also take some time to look at the whole picture. Take a step back to see how the chairs, table and everything on it are connected and how they look like when out together. You might want to make a few changes like move some chairs around, reposition some guests or get rid of some things.

Monochromatic party table decor

We like the idea of having different types of chairs around a table. You could combine two or three types of chairs and make each guest feel special or you could put covers of different colors or with different textures on the chairs for a similar effect.

Elegant table dining set placement

Not all parties require the same type of decor or accessories. A tea party decor, for instance, uses small delicious treats and sweets as centerpieces and doesn’t need a lot of things on the table.

Colorful party table decor

Centerpieces can take a lot of different forms. The traditional floral arrangements are one of the options. You could also use sculptures in a similar way or you could improvise and decorate with bowls of fruits or other things.

African Rustic Party Table Decor

Or how about some potted plants. Something as simple as a box full of fresh green grass can look gorgeous on a table. You could also decorate with succulents and lots of other similar things if you want the decor to be fresh and colorful.

Green accents for party table decor

Try some seasonal decor ideas. For autumn you could use some leaves or tree branches and a winter table decor could include snow globes pine cones and maybe also some fir tree clippings.