Our Kid – an unusually cute piece of furniture

It’s not easy to come up with an original design, something that has never been approached before, even start a new concept. This is the goal of every designer and some of them manage to impress with their creations. It’s the case of this intriguing piece of furniture called Our Kid. The name suits it well. Our Kid is a different kind of cabinet.

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The piece was designed by Daniel Schofield and it has a very simple but very original look. The idea was to create something simple but without using the same old clichés. The designer wanted to reinvent the whole concept behind this piece. As you can see, Our Kid is minimalist. It consists of a wooden structure that includes only one drawer. The drawer has two small holes that resemble two eyes. The wooden structure is sitting on four legs. It’s actually a single metal structure with four actual legs.

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The whole combination of legs and eyes turns this piece of furniture into a lovely creature. It’s a very cute piece and it’s hard to resist it when you see it. It would be a wonderful item for the kids’ bedroom but also for anyone who likes cute things. In order to highlight the simplicity of this model, the drawer features a natural finish and the metal legs have a friendly blue shade.