Odd urban chair designs from Jimmie Martin Ltd

Chairs are usually not the most interesting or impressive piece of furniture from the house, but sometimes there are designers that like to change that. For example, the Jimmie Martin Ltd designs are nothing but unusual. The collection features several chair designs that share in common the odd shapes and especially the unusual prints that are definitely eye-catching and unexpected.

Odd urban chairdesignView in gallery

The combination of urban prints and sophisticated lines is not very common but still, in some cases, it could be really interesting. The idea of combining very different styles and patterns is not that rare. The designers are always seeking to create unpredictable and unexpectedly interesting pieces that are able to enchant the customers. However, this is a very bold and odd combination. The chairs have a sophisticated design, with all those curved lines and aristocratic details that are usually seen in antique pieces. When combined with the urban prints the image is very strong and it takes a while to process it and only after that you can say if you like it or not. Personally I find it a little exaggerated, but still interesting.

There are many prints to choose from. The funniest one is the dog that is cut in half and split into two pieces in two different chairs. I would honestly buy that one. In this case you would have to buy them both because there’s no point in buying half a dog.