Oak Ladderback Chair

Ladders are usually used to help you reach higher places like a tall tree or get into an attic or something similar. They have a very simple design, as they are nothing more than two boards that are linked together by many smaller pieces of wood – the steps. Well, apparently ladders have been a source of inspiration for furniture manufacturers, as they used their design in making the back rest for chairs. This Oak Ladderback Chair is the perfect example and it shows the two items can coexist in a very beautiful ensemble. The chair is pretty normal looking, without arms and having four thin and delicate legs.

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However, these legs are again connected by two foot rests, unlike most chairs that have only one. These too, make you think of ladders once again so the intention of the designer is pretty obvious. The chair is totally customizable and you can choose the details as you like. For example you can choose the colour of the chair (unfinished, white, green, red, maple, black, indigo) and the way you want the seat to be. You can choose from sea grass seat, solid oak seat or slated wood seat. Of course the final price will change according to your choices, so you can have one such chair for about $123 to $151.