How Much Does A New Boiler Cost In 2023?

Heating your home in the winter is of utmost importance. Without heat, your family can suffer greatly, so it’s very important to ensure all of your HVAC equipment is working well before winter rolls around. 

new boiler cost

Winterizing, in general, is crucial but the most important thing of all is to check your heating system. If you have a boiler, it’s that time of year again to have it checked and to get it ready for the winter ahead. 

Average Residential Boiler Prices In the UK

Average Residential Boiler Prices In the UK

According to Heating Force in the UK, the range for replacing a boiler or upgrading your system will cost somewhere between $2500 and $4500. This is a fairly accurate price range even in the United States. 

When asked how much the appliance alone cost, Heating Force said,

“Assuming we’re talking about gas boilers, a standalone boiler — with no installation or extras — can cost anywhere from £500 ($690) to £2,500 ($2,910), depending on the type, model, and capacity. New gas combis start at £500 ($690) and go as high as £2,000($2,762), with £1,000 ($1,381)being the average for a mid-range model. Systems boilers are just a bit more expensive, typically topping out at £2,500 ($2,910) without installation.”

The same experts also said that there is a reason there is such a range.

“Installation costs hinge on a host of factors — your boiler type and model, your location, your property, whether or not you need to install the boiler in a new place, and who you choose to install it for you. Simple swaps, where the new boiler goes into the exact same place as the old one, typically cost the least, whereas location changes and major alterations to infrastructure can quickly drive the costs up. Likewise, using a large, national company to install your boiler rather than a local contractor or an online installer like Heatable may also cost you more.”

Does A New Boiler Cost More Or Less In The United States?

Does A New Boiler Cost More Or Less In The United States?

On average, a gas boiler cost is around the same or slightly more in the United States than the United Kingdom. However, there are occasions where you will pay twice the price, depending on your exact region. 

There are other things that also affect the cost of a boiler in your home too, just like with anything else that needs to be replaced. These are the factors to consider when calculating the new boiler cost in your home.


US The region you live in is important
Image from U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The region you live in is important because the price in each region is different for everything. Heating is no different. Boiler replacement and new boiler costs can range greatly in the United States alone.

You will probably pay more in the city than you will in the country for a few different reasons. First of all, you have supply and demand. Then of course there is the range of what people are willing to pay. 

Square Footage

Square footage also matters a lot because the more space you have, the more expensive it is to heat. This is common sense but the way your house is setup also matters and this isn’t as easy to figure.

Because if you have an open concept home, it is easier for the heat to reach the corners but if you have everything closed off, it’s easier to heat each room separately. So have a professional take a look to help you find this out.

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Insulation in your home makes a huge difference as to the cost of boilers. Because the better insulated your home is, the less work the heating system has to do to heat your home, so always insulate well. 

Insulating is important even if you don’t live in a hot climate. It can help cool and heat your home, regulating its temperature, retaining what heat or cold it has better, making it cheaper to do both.

There are many fuel types for a boiler,

Fuel Type

There are many fuel types for a boiler, with gas being the most common. Oil and electric boilers are also an option as well but they are nearly as popular nor as consistent as the classic gas boiler heater. 

However, oil boilers aren’t rare in any case and LPG boilers are similar to gas but are liquified. They are very similar in every way but they can store more gas. Then we have electric which are affordable and easy to install. 

Other Heating

If you have other heating alternatives in your home then there’s a good chance you will pay less for your boiler. This is because you will have a backup which you can use to heat the house if the boiler isn’t cutting it.

Wood heat is a good alternative and common alternative because both a boiler and wood heat can have problems but likely won’t at the same time. Having both on hand is a wonderful way to stay prepared. 


No one likes paperwork, but don’t let it stop you from getting the boiler that you want. You will probably have to pay for permits and similar things but luckily, if you hire a professional, they can take care of it for you.

They may ask you to sign some papers which you can read through if you feel more comfortable doing so. This is good practice in any case so go ahead and read before you sign anything your contractor asks you to sign. 


Boiler replacement cost

If you are replacing an old boiler, you’ll have to hire someone to remove the old one and dispose of it. That said, you may find that it is actually cheaper to replace a boiler than to get one for the first time.

This is because when getting one for the first time, you will have to pay for all sorts of things like new gas lines to be laid and all kinds of plumbing to be installed. So removal is actually a good thing cost-wise. 


Your climate matters a lot because you will need a higher BTU for a colder climate. So if you live in a warm climate, you will pay less for your boiler for a few reasons. First of all, you won’t use it as often.

But when you do use it, you probably don’t need to generate as much heat. But the same goes for air conditioning only on the other side of things. HVAC costs tend to even out, with heat being a bit more expensive. 

Equation For Boiler Replacement Size

Equation For Boiler Replacement Size

This is a very nice equation that can help you find out what size you need for your boiler replacement. Start with the square footage of your home then find out what type of climate you live in with this scale. 

The lowest on the scale is 30, this is a rather warm climate. The highest on the scale is 70, this is a very cold climate. Using this scale, determine your own climate and multiply that number the square footage of your home. 

For example, North Texas would probably be about a 50 on the scale. So if you live in a home that is 1500 sqft, you can take 1500 times 50. So this would be around 75,000 BTUs, making it a rather inexpensive boiler replacement. 

Taking Care Of Your New Boiler

Taking Care Of Your New Boiler

The best way to lower the cost of your boiler replacement is to not need it replaced. Taking care of your boiler isn’t always easy if you don’t know where to start. These are the first things you want to take care of. 

  • Monitor The Thermostat – if for some reason, your thermostat doesn’t change, there is a good chance it isn’t working. So whenever you may think that your boiler is broken, it could just be the thermostat.
  • Keep Pilot Light Lit – if you don’t have experience taking care of a boiler, you won’t know that this is the first thing you need to do. Always keep the pilot light lit. If it won’t light, call a professional. 
  • Check For Leaks – leaks of any kind are not good, but this is especially true if it is a gas leak. Gas leaks can be very dangerous so if the pressure in your boiler goes down, then call someone immediately. 
  • Fix Any Abnormal Sounds – most people allow their boiler to make strange sounds without doing a thing to fix them. This is not okay. If your boiler is making sounds regularly, call someone to ensure it is normal. 
  • Keep Everything Away – it’s common knowledge to keep everything away from anything that produces heat. This rule does not change just because your boiler is incased. So keep everything that isn’t fireproof away.
  • Write Down Error Codes – if your boiler has a screen on it, you need to write down ant error codes you see. Many people forget and the error code goes away, making it impossible for a plumber to determine the problem. 
  • Make A Yearly Appointment – always have your boiler checked once a year. The best time to do this is during the fall before you need the heat on a regular basis. This way, it’s okay if it takes a while.