Nest Armchair by Autoban

As any creator knows, if you want to create something unique and original, you have to look for inspiration in unusual places. Sometimes, if you have an open mind, inspiration comes from some of the most common places but you manage to turn something simple into something extraordinary by reinventing things. In the case of this sumptuous armchair, the inspiration came from a simple bird cage.

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The Nest Armchair was designed by Autoban. It has a simple but impressive look and stature. The high wooden back makes the armchair look royal and gives it an imposing allure. Moreover, the curved shape of the backrest also allows the user to gain privacy and to feel safe while also being able to feel like a part of the whole. Of course, the armchair’s design is not only focused on looks and visual effect and impressions.

The large armchair might impress with its stature at first sight but then you also get to realize that with looks also comes comfort. The backrest is very comfortable thanks to its shape and the sea and armrests only increase the level of comfort offered by this wonderful piece. The design is sophisticated but simple in its essence and this gives it elegance and even more beauty. Include this imposing armchair into your home office, lounge room, living room or even dining room if you want to feel like a king. The bird cage, the concept that stood at the base of this design, was freed of all negative aspects and became nothing but a beautiful symbol. airs you will know what it’s like to feel like a bird trapped in a cage or, on the contrary, will feel what it’s like to stay in a nest.