Nature inspired set of furniture

Tree & glass is another set of nature inspired set of furniture comprising of innovative tables and chairs. It’s from the popular designer Yuanbio Jin. The work done by him is truly amazing as he manages to blend glass with the branches of trees to make the table as well as the chairs look completely natural and innovative. The branches are very strong to hold the weight of the glass.

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A lot of people love nature and don’t get to spend much time admiring it. So they are constantly trying to incorporate nature-inspired elements in their home décor. There are a lot of pieces like this, for example tree-shaped bookcases, or flower-shaped chairs and all sorts of ideas.

Nature furniture1

So here’s a collection that does exactly that. It’s a set formed from a coffee table and a chair that both share a very interesting design with curved lines and s very ingenious shape. But the real innovations are the decorative elements inspired by nature. The chair has a tree-like shape incorporated into the design which makes it look spectacular. The chairs are available in various color tones, including the transparent version. So if you think that your home would need some changes, maybe you should take into consideration just adding some interesting elements, like this beautiful collection for example.