Natural Fiber Side Table

We have certain representations of things and when we meet something that does not correspond with this representation we think it is unusual and strange. And we either like it very much or we reject it instantly because we are not used to it. For example we got used to side tables as being small square tables that are made of wood and have a table top and four legs. But it does not necessarily have to be like this. For example this Natural Fiber Side Table is totally out of any image you might have on side tables. It is round and sturdy , it has no legs and it looks like a giant ball.

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This unusual table is made of water hyacinth, which is a natural fiber and it is hand woven. That is why it has such a peculiar pattern. It is totally natural and ecological and it looks very well in your bedroom or living room. Even if it may look pretty fragile, it is actually sturdy and it will support the tray with food or your books and phone and all the other small items . If you come to think of it the technique of weaving natural fibers is millenia old and it is amazing that it can bring this back into the modern world. The item is now available for EUR137.20 .