How To Use Mustard Yellow For Your Home

Mustard yellow has never been this popular. If you know how to use the color tastefully, you’ll find that it offers flavor and warmth. Also known as marigold, it is a favorite among the hipster generation and younger office employees.

The best way to make your home unique is with paint colors and combinations. They offer a cheap way to impact your home’s curb appeal.

What Is The Mustard Color?

Traditional kitchen in mustard color

With exterior house colors, you want to be safe and content. You might have to follow HOA preferences and guidelines.

Super Easy DIY Mustard Yellow Paint Recipe

If you need mustard yellow paint but you don’t want to purchase a new can of paint, so make it with this color recipe in three steps.

  • To get you started, pour equal amounts of red and yellow paint into a bowl. Mix with a plastic chopstick or wooden stirring stick to create orange
  • Pour yellow paint into a separate bowl. Mix it with an equal amount of orange paint. Stir it to achieve a mustard yellow hue.
  • Add a few drops of yellow paint if the color isn’t light enough, or a teaspoon of orange paint if the color shade is too bright.

What Is The Mustard Yellow Color?

It’s more than a color type, it’s an inspiration. It has a history that doesn’t begin or end with a rug on your living room floor.

The Cool Meaning Behind Mustard Yellow Color

The color comes from the mustard plant. Look at the plant during the day, and you will see the color’s natural beauty and fall in love at first site.

The Wild History Of Mustard Yellow

The first recorded use of the color was in England in the late 19th century. The color made its way across the Atlantic, arriving in the US just in time for the dawn of the 20th century. The warm palette was a popular interior design sensation during the Roaring 20s. As color schemes, it’s fun to learn.

Mustard Yellow Exteriors

The color schemes are exterior favorites and represents rich fall tapestries. The image of leaves during the day and a blood-orange sun setting in the background is pure poetic grace and something you’ll want to save forever.

The color shade is an autumn staple line-up and worn worldwide in celebration of healthy harvest yellow and gold colors. The tradition of blending in with nature is an inspiration to everyone.

Shades Of Mustard

Traditional kitchen in mustard color

There are many shades to choose from, and we’ll be talking about them and how they are made.

Classic Mustard Yellow – #E1AD01

Classic Mustard Yellow - #E1AD01

The purest form will be 100 percent red and 85 percent green. Unlike other hues, this blend has a tinge of blue.

Chrome Mustard Yellow – #FFA700

Chrome Mustard Yellow - #FFA700

Chrome mustard yellow is 100 percent red and 60-70 percent green. 

Gamboge Mustard Yellow – #E49B0F

Gamboge Mustard Yellow - #E49B0F

Gamboge comes from the sap of deciduous trees in Cambodia. Collecting the pigment is a slow process. The sap is extracted with bamboo shoots inserted into the middle layer of the tree bark. 

Mustard Yellow Brown – #CD7A00

Mustard Yellow Brown - #CD7A00

Yellow and brown are complementary colors. It’s softer on the red and with less green. 

Mustard Yellow Gold – #F1B301

Mustard Yellow Gold - #F1B301

A mustard yellow gold palette offers a calming sensation and pairs well the soft colors or pastels. 

Khaki Mustard Yellow – #ECB40A

Khaki Mustard Yellow - #ECB40A

Khaki comes has a red rating of 190 and green at 150. If you add too much green, it will turn into olive.

Dark Mustard Yellow – #a88905

Dark Mustard Yellow - #a88905

Darker versions consist of a red hex score of 150 and green around 120. It can vary depending on taste. 

Papaya Mustard Yellow – #FCA018

Papaya Mustard Yellow - #FCA018

Papaya is the fruit of kings. When you slice open a fresh papaya, the meat tastes divine. As a clothing statement, papaya is the most exciting hue to hit the fashion runways of Milan and New York City.

Mustard Color In The Living Room

Traditional kitchen in mustard color

Match it with terracotta orange is a fine color combination sweeping the millennial marriage market. It’s also found its way in living rooms across the country. The close rooms have dim and warm lighting to create a loving setting. This is where close families relax and grow in harmony.

Pure colors are a sensation overload for any living room. Go with a butterscotch hue and tie everything together.

Where To Use: walls are the best option in a living room. If it isn’t too bright, don’t be afraid to add a mustard yellow couch.

Mustard Yellow In The Kitchen

Mustard Color In The Kitchen
Laure Joliet

In kitchens, the color offers a natural feel. You will enjoy creative ideas as yellow is ideal for simple spaces where food is shared among close families day or night.

It’s also a rustic color for modern farmhouse interior designs. To get started, try a modern style, which might blow you away.

Where To Use: Cabinets will make a statement, and so will tile. For something soft, curtains or a backsplash will work well.

Mustard Yellow Laundry Room

Traditional kitchen in mustard color

Laundry rooms are fun. For smaller spaces, the rooms can shine as the color works its magic.

Medium colors are smart choices to brighten up a space. 

Where To Use: Creative liberty is at your fingertips, and cabinet, rug, or curtain design will help create the greatest color effect.

Mustard Color In The Sitting Room 

Mustard Color In The Sitting Room 

A dining room might be the best place for this color. And again, this is for the creative type. The room isn’t a place where you add a table and then call it a day. Create rich murals, play music, or hang a chandelier, but most of all, enjoy your home life.

Where To Use: color chairs and tablecloths would be a good way to start. You can’t go wrong with a color art mural. 

Mustard Color In The Sitting Room 

Mustard Color In The Sitting Room 

Sitting room, parlor, drawing room, lounge, put these spaces on your color list. There are many names for that special room where you invite guests in to visit without the distractions of other rooms.

This doesn’t mean you can’t add a TV to help your parlor, but it isn’t standard. Instead, this is a warm and inviting room used to welcome guests and offer them a snack or a drink.

Where To Use: It’s best to go small in sitting rooms. Start with wall art or an accent chair. When you start with carpet or walls for design help, they can be sensitive to yellow.

Mustard Yellow In The Bedroom

Mustard Color In The Bedroom

The shade is a fine bedroom color. It’s all about creating an inspired living space.

With this hue, you can use it to set the mood of your home.

Where To Use: You can for things that are easy to change like bedding or curtains.

Making Mustard Color Your Own

Making Mustard Color Your Own

The most important aspect of adding this color to your home includes the pure energy that it brings.

Choose two colors or pick a unique match and layer it in your best room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Colors Go With A Mustard Yellow Feature Wall?

The best color palette for a feature wall are yellow are black, gray, navy blue, and pink.

What Wall Color Goes With Mustard Yellow Curtains?

Dark gray or blue provide a color palette that is superb for wall color types.

Where Should I Put A Mustard Yellow Rug?

Bathroom rugs are divine additions to bathrooms. If you have one with in this color, make it the centerpiece image of your living room.

What Bed Sheet Color Matches A Mustard Yellow Duvet?

You could try a light blue color scheme or a lavender backdrop. For extra chic image, throw pillows would accent the room.

Where Can I Purchase Mustard Yellow Paint?

Because the color is adored by millions across the US, the shade is easy to find. You can buy it wherever paint supplies are sold.

Mustard Yellow Color Conclusion

With a rich history and promising future, the color will stand the test of time. It’s versatile and warm without being intimidating. If you like creating freshness or want to work with a color palette, this hue is for you.