Funky Fresh Fall Tablescapes From Instagram

Autumn is officially here, and to celebrate we’re going to have a look today at some beautiful fall tablescapes design ideas that we recently found on Instagram.

Blessed wood slice fall tablscapes

Hopefully, they can inspire you and give you some ideas which you can then use in your own projects and crafts. Pumpkins are a recurring symbol and for good reason. They’re incredibly versatile and we can’t wait to check out more wonderful projects involving them.

Why Tablescapes Are Important

Before we get into all the information about what fall tablescapes should look like, and what you will want to include in yours, it’s important to know why you should spend the time to create a tablescape in the first place.

Tablescapes serve a couple of different purposes. First and foremost, they elevate your entertaining experience. When your guests walk over to the table and see how beautiful your tablescape looks, they will know that you put a lot of time and effort into making them feel special.

Secondly, a tablescape ups your decoration game by a long shot. People often forget their table top when they decorate, leaving quite the eyesore in a beautifully decorated room. Don’t let this happen in your home, and take a little extra time and effort to create a beautiful tablescape for your guests.

Even if you aren’t entertaining, a beautiful tablescape can take a meal from being ordinary to amazing. Your family will surely appreciate this, and so will you. So don’t skip the tablescape just because you don’t have guests joining you this holiday season.

Tips for Achieving Beautiful Fall Tablescapes

Tips for Achieving Beautiful Fall Tablescapes

Maybe this is your first time making a fall tablescape and you aren’t quite sure where to start. Not to worry, we have you covered, when designing a tablescape, keep the following tips in mind.

Tip 1: Have Your Inspiration Close By

Chances are, after looking at this list of beautiful tablescapes you will find one that you would like to base your table off of. So take a screenshot! Keep the picture with you when you shop for décor and while you set it up. This way it will be easy to reference as you make your vision come to life.

Tip 2: Layer it Up!

Layers are the perfect way to add a little dimension to your tablescape. Start with a tablecloth, then add a runner, and next placemats! As you add the dishes, be sure there are lots of layers to them too. This will make your tablescape truly a beauty to behold.

Tip 3: Add Height to Fall Tablescapes

Just as your tablescape shouldn’t only have one layer, it also shouldn’t be flat either. Add items of varying height to make your tablescape truly come alive. This can be items such as candle holders with fancy candles, feathers, and even a decorative platform!

Tip 4: Keep the Colors Bold

Fall colors aren’t colors you see on a table very often, and because of this, many people want to go more muted because they fear their tablescape will stand out too much. But this is the point of a tablescape, you want it to stand out! Buy those beautiful bold oranges, reds, yellows, and greens!

Tip 5: Add Metallic Touches

Something that is unique about fall tablescapes is that metallic flatware and décor can easily be incorporated without distracting from the theme. Don’t be afraid to put out those silver pumpkins, or perhaps a copper mug or two—a little something shiny to bring the table together.

Supplies for Fall Tablescapes

Now that you’ve got some tips beneath your belt, it’s time to start designing some fall tablescapes! The first step is to head to the store and gather your supplies. Below are some of the things you will need to purchase when creating your tablescape with fall decor.

  • Tablecloth
  • Table Runner
  • Placemats
  • Seasonal Dishes
  • Faux Pumpkins
  • Faux Vines
  • Fall Colored Feathers
  • Candles
  • Candle Holders
  • Faux Fruits and Veggies
  • Cornucopia

These aren’t the only things that you can incorporate into fall tablescapes, and after you find your inspiration, you will be able to make a more comprehensive list of the things you would need to buy.

How Do You Make Your Fall Tablescapes Beautiful?

How Do You Make Your Fall Tablescapes Beautiful?

After picking an inspirational fall tablescape and purchasing the supplies, the only question left to ask is how you can make your tablescape beautiful. There are a few steps to follow to make this happen.

Step 1: Stick With the Theme

When you are shopping, your eye may be drawn to something cute that doesn’t quite go with your theme. Leave it behind. The trick to having an attractive tablescape is to be sure you stick with one theme alone, otherwise, it will look like a mix-match of things on your table. 

Step 2: Pick Nice Linens

Linens are an essential part of a beautiful tablescape, and if you are still pulling out the same ratty napkins you’ve been hanging onto for ten years, it’s probably time to retire these. Spend a little money to get nice linens as these will be the base for your tablescape and your guests will quickly notice whether or not they look nice.

Step 3: Invest in Nice Tableware

After the linens, the tableware is the next thing your guests are going to notice. Now is the time to invest a little money into seasonal or special dinnerware if you haven’t already. This is because old, cracked, or chipped dinnerware will subtract from the beauty of your tablescape.

Step 4: Fill the Center of the Table

Although dishes and linens are important, you also want people’s eyes to be drawn to the center of the table, and this means you need to spend some time to make this area look amazing. Don’t just put one pumpkin and call it good, take the time to fill the center of the table with candles, pumpkins, and foliage to really have an attractive tablescape. 

Alright, hopefully by now you have a better understanding of the items you will need to make a fall tablescape, and the steps you will take to set it up. Without further ado, read on to see some beautiful tablescapes, one of which might just catch your eye!

18 Beautiful Centerpieces for Fall Tablescapes

1. A bit of greenery on the fall table

greenery for fall tablescapes

A large pale green pumpkin surrounded by small orange ones creates this table’s main centerpiece which then transitions into the greenery. The tiny mint green pumpkin decorations mark each place setting top it all off. Check out The Prairie Sisters Vintage Market for more inspiration.

2. Glass pumpkins

glass pumpkins

Glass pumpkins and fresh greenery give this tablescape from Home Obsession lots of character and also help to keep the decor simple and subtle. Everything is displayed on a wooden table which enhances the contrast between all the ornaments.

3. Fall Tablescapes with Different Colors and Sizes of Pumpkins

fall tablescapes with Different Colors and Sizes of Pumpkins

A few simple pumpkins painted in different colors and a fall garland are all you need to create a quick tablescape. this setup featured by Randrathome is simple but that doesn’t stop it from looking absolutely charming.

4. Faux Fall Tablescapes Decoration

Faux Fall Tablescapes Decoration

Mix in real and faux decorations to create a fall tablescape just as gorgeous as this one. The bottle vases and the greenery add height to the arrangement and along with everything else create a decor that’s super inviting. Check out Casagrella for more details.

5. Keep Your Fall Tablescapes Cheerful with White and Gold 

Cheerful with White and Gold

Create a fall table decor that’s bright and cheerful so you can still enjoy the delicate touch of summer a bit longer. A nice example was shared by cherished treasures and makes use of white and gold pumpkins, faux leaves, and subtle rose gold accents.

6. Rustic Fall Tablescapes Decor

Rustic Fall Tablescapes Decor

Even if fall barely started (officially at least) it’s not too early to start thinking about all the beautiful tablescape designs and centerpieces that you want to put together. An idea that we find particularly charming is to use lots of pumpkins in different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a table decor similar to the one shared here by the_burg_nest.

7. Fall Tablescape Decor with Oversized Pumpkins

Fall Tablescape Decor with Oversized Pumpkins

If you want to keep the table decor simple then it should be all super easy to put together. You could use a few large pumpkins and a few tiny ones as well as some greenery. We love the light colors featured here. Check out willowbloomhome for more inspiring ideas.

8. Vintage Charm Fall Tablescape

Vintage Charm Fall Tablescape

A little bit of vintage charm can suit the fall tablescape really well, as proven here by sweetroseandwren. This is such a lovely centerpiece and it makes use of a vintage caddy, tiny pumpkins, berries, and flowers.

9. Dark Stained Backdrop 

Dark Stained Backdrop 

The dark-stained wooden table is the perfect backdrop for this fall centerpiece. All the green, brown, and yellow details help it blend in while the white pumpkins contrast with everything else around them. The whole tablescape is so wonderfully balanced. Check out ourhouseofthree for more details.

10. Fall Tablescapes with Copper Accessories

Copper Accessories

It seems like there’s a lot going on here, but this table decor is actually fairly simple once you break it down. There’s the vase that has a nice copper finish to it, the blue floral accents that complement it, and also the little pumpkins which have a similar color but with a different finish. Check out thebloomingabode for more ideas.

11. Farmhouse Style Decor for Fall Tablescapes

Farmhouse Style Decor

A cool idea is to use metallic spray paint on the pumpkins to create a glamorous and at the same time simple and chic fall tablescape. You can play with various different shades and finishes to create a decor that stands out but at the same time remains modest. Check out lifeonrusticdr for more details on this.

12. Beautifully Natural Fall Tablescape Design

Beautifully Natural Fall Tablescape Design

We also love this gorgeous fall tablescape which puts together shades of orange and green with warm wooden accents and the occasional white accent. It looks lovely and it’s also a project that requires only a few supplies which should be easy to gather. Check out cottonwoodacres for more inspiring ideas.

13. Fall Tablescapes with Fruit Accents

Fall Tablescapes with Fruit Accents

You can also choose to keep things very simple and not cover your pumpkins in paint but let them showcase their natural colors. You can also use gourds, apples, and other fruits to create a bountiful display. For more lovely fall decor ideas, follow oldworldhome.

14. Faux Pumpkin Fall Tablescapes Decor

Faux Pumpkin Fall Tablescapes Decor

Real pumpkins can be completely missing from your fall tablescape and you can still create something very charming. This decor shared by farmhouse_design_district is a wonderful example so let it inspire you.

15. Beautifully Knitted Pumpkins Fall Tablescape

Beautifully Knitted Pumpkins Fall Tablescape

Speaking of faux pumpkins and how charming they can be, check out these lovely knitted ones from thevintagehomestudio. This entire tablescape is very creative and fun and includes a variety of different elements that look great when put together.

16. Use Organic Materials in Your Fall Tablescape

Use Organic Materials

Keep your fall tablescape crisp and simple and don’t complicate the decor too much. Nature is the best source of inspiration.

For example, you could use wood slices as chargers or coasters and real pumpkins as decorations along with seasonal greenery. Check out purposedrivenliving_mgdesigns for details.

17. White-Washing Pumpkin Details

White-Washing Pumpkin Details

This fall tablescape shared by merts_gift_gallery proposes a vintage aesthetic, showcasing white-washed pumpkins with a distinctive finish that you often see on old furniture. The pinecones fill in the gaps and the vibrant green apples add a fresh vibe to the entire decor.

18. Fall Pines Tablescapes Decor 

Fall Pines Decor 

Have you ever used pears in your fall table decor or tablescape projects? They’re rather charming, and you can use them in combination with some grapevine pumpkins, pine cones, and some other autumn-inspired ornaments. Let this design shared by Wandering Decorator be your source of inspiration.

FAQ About Fall Tablescapes

What is the Meaning of Tablescape?

A tablescape is an attractive looking table set up that typically includes a theme of arranged objects for a certain holiday or event. They often also include dishes like plates and silverware.

When Should You Put Out a Fall Tablescape?

You can put out your fall tablescape arrangements at the same time you put out your normal fall decorations. Generally, you should put out your fall decorations sometime in late September or early October when the weather in your area begins to cool down.

What Makes Great Fall Tablescapes?

A great tablescape is characterized by vertical interest—meaning that some of the items are taller than others on the table. This is what makes candles so important for a good tablescape.

What Should I Put on My Fall Tablescapes?

What you put on your individual tablescape will vary from person to person, but for a great looking tablescape you will want to include a mix of dishes, décor, and foliage (faux or real).

What Do I Need for a Place Setting?

The place settings you set out will widely depend on what you are serving for dinner, but they should include, at a minimum, a plate, two forks, a knife, a spoon, a napkin, and drinkware. You may also want to make place cards so people know which setting is theirs.

Final Thoughts

Ready to make the most amazing fall tablescapes anyone has ever seen? You certainly have the tools to do so! Whether you pick a tablescape idea from this list or design one on your own, you are going to have the most beautiful looking table on the block. All that’s left to do is invite your family or friends over for dinner for the holidays, so they too can enjoy your beautiful tablescape.