Get Ready for the Long Autumn and Winter by Making Your Home Cozier

As the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, most of us are looking at ways to make the indoors seem cozier. Those who live in areas that see four seasons can easily add autumn elements indoors to mark the changing climate.

Making home decor feel more cocoon-ish is also simple for people who have rustic decor, because that style already carries an air of down-home comfort. Other home decor styles may be a little more challenging when it comes to infusing a space with a cozy feel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The same thing goes for homes in regions where the change of seasons is not so dramatic. Here are some great ways to make your home seem cozier no matter what the style, because all these strategies can be adapted to fit your personal tastes.

Add Fall Flowers

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There’s nothing that makes a room seem warmer and more welcoming than an abundant display of fall flowers and foliage. This massive basket of leaves and dried elements is accompanied by an arrangement of pumpkins, but it would certainly do the trick on its own too.

The organic feeling that plant matter provides is key to making us feel grounded. Of course, there are lots of ways to incorporate fall flowers, from restrained minimalist arrangements to the use of more modern vases or vessels to hold the blooms.

Incorporate Sheepskin

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Varied textures make a space feel homier and sheepskin is one of the materials that has plenty! You can add a piece of furniture such as a footstool that is upholstered in sheepskin, whether it’s the furry type like this one or the woolier variety.

Another option is adding a sheepskin throw to a sofa or chair for seasonal texture. Even in locations where the climate is warmer, evenings can be chilly and this is a great way to temporarily add a little “hygge” to your interior. 

Swap Out Throws and Pillows

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This is essentially decorating 101: The fastest way to adapt interior decor is the change out smaller elements like textiles. Throws and pillows that are lighter in texture or color for the spring and summer can easily be swapped out for fall colors and an earthier feel. Don’t feel limited to shades of ochre, brown and maroon for fall decor.

If your space has a more lighthearted feel, you can use a seasonal color like orange in a variety of shades, but accented by a brighter natural hue, such as this moss green. Different types of trim and embellishments amp up the textural interest too.

Invest in a Firepit or Fire Element

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Some of the hottest-selling outdoor items have been firepits and patio heaters as we try and extend our time outdoors this fall. While most firepits and fire tables are rather traditional in shape and style, there are outdoor styles that are more artful and chic than the typical options.

Of course, this particular single-log fire element is more about ambiance than warmth, but it’s a fabulous option in warmer climates where you don’t necessarily want a roaring fire that always puts out heat. Or, use this in combination with a sleek modern firepit for the both of best worlds and a cozy outdoor space.

Add Loads of Texture

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Just like layering your clothing adds warmth outdoors, layering textures adds coziness and warmth indoors. Those who live in cooler climes will want to pile on the thick and cushy throws, but in warmer spots, layering can be a little more subtle to achieve the right effect.

This bedding has a lively pattern in shades of cool aqua, but it’s easily made cozier with the addition of some seasonal burnt orange elements. The tray holds autumnal flowers and the single throw adds texture over the spread and the plain duvet. The disparate but complementary colors are tied together by a single pillow that has both in its pattern.

Warm up the Entryway

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When we say “warming up the entryway” you might automatically think of fall leaves, pumpkins and wooly throws, but that doesn’t work for every style of home in every region. In areas that are always warm, add some life and coziness with live plants and some added textures.

Here, the plants are a great choice to go with the leafy wall covering and the stool adds a hint of cozy fabric with the velvet upholstery and a touch of metallic shine from the metal. It’s perfect for a warm-weather foyer.

Highlight Leather

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Leather is great year-round but it’s in the fall and winter when it really lends a cozy vibe. The style of the pieces you add doesn’t have to be clubby traditional, as this modern chair and ottoman demonstrate. Part of the reason that genuine leather gets its soft and comfy vibe is because it lasts forever and breaks in over time, feeling as familiar as your favorite boots or jacket.

Restyle Your Shelving

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Any room can get a little cozier when you restyle your shelves. Swap out some sleek objects for those with texture or an organic feeling such as hand-thrown pots, vases or vessels. Another option is adding elements in fall colors that can help create a warmer feeling.

Changing any plants or florals to a less summery variety can also help. The best thing about restyling your shelving is that you can probably do it all by reusing accessories and items that you already own.

Showcase Seasonal Art

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This is another fabulous option for homes that will not be able to incorporate rustic pieces or those associated with typical fall decor. By seasonal artwork we don’t mean landscapes of falling leaves or pumpkins — we mean works that you have and love that are done in warm colors and metallics or those that have different textures. These features add a sense of warmth without screaming “autumn.”


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Candles are everywhere in all sorts of jars and in all kinds of scents, but incorporating some that are housed in luxurious containers makes them even more special. There’s nothing like the glow of a candle to warm up quite literally any space and if you burn them frequently, it’s time to consider a more sustainable option by choosing one that is refillable. These beautiful marble candles are from oOum and the inserts fit multiple styles of holders, which is very convenient too. It’s also the chicest way to add some coziness we’ve seen yet!

Cozy up the Bathroom

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The bathroom is not usually a space that immediately comes to mind when we think about making our homes cozy for the fall and winter but it should be!  This is true for both powder rooms as well as your main bathroom.

This powder room feels warm and comfortable because the light bulbs produce a warmer light, and the vanity is accessorized with candles and a diffuser. Native grasses in a large rustic urn on the floor add an organic feeling and nicely fill the space in the corner.

Focus on Your Fireplace

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Whether your fireplace is a mammoth stone focal point in the room or a smaller, modern faux version like this one, fall and winter are the time to shift the focus to this space.  So many new technologies are available, such as water vapor fireplaces that mimic the look of a real fire without the flame, danger or need for ventilation that you can add one anywhere in your home. Much of the time, a fireplace is more about mood than heat, so be creative with where you add one — or more — to your interior decor.

Add More Lamps

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Just like layering textiles creates a cozier interior, so does layering your lighting. By this, we mean that a single overhead ceiling light will never give you the cozy look you want. A well-lit room includes some general lighting along with specific task lighting along with some that is purely for ambiance.

And, if your home feels dark and maybe a little unwelcoming on those long winter evenings, you probably just need to strategically add some more lamps to your living space. The best thing about adding lamps is that you can move them around to find the best placement for the mood you want.

Whether your home is nestled in the forests of the north, sits on a beach in the warm south or is somewhere in suburbia, there are plenty of ways to make your house feel cozier as fall sets in. Even if temperatures don’t dip, it gets dark much earlier and chances are you’ll be spending plenty of time at home, so why not make it the coziest space possible!