Multifunctional High Chair by CuldeSac

Having a baby is an unique and extraordinary experience for anyone. We all want the best for our children, concerning their care, education, toys and so on. Taking this into consideration, we would like to present you the new high chair designed by CuldeSac.

The Ovo chair is a piece that will certainly catch your eye, specially designed for a time when people are very busy, today’s families live in open multifunctional spaces and everything is in sight. In a time when kids are flooding every space with a lot of daily survival pieces conceived for parents, designed for children, this beautiful chair is perfect for you and your family.

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This amazing piece is great for any space due to its design, one that has combined form and content, aesthetics and functionality. The Ovo high chair comes in three designs, each of them being simple and in a neutral color palette that allows you to integrate it in your current design. Moreover it has a lot of functional qualities which you will love, such as washable fabric, baby reins, adjustable tray and footrest.

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This sleek chair takes your kid on a new adventure, which is growing-up. Also its accessories and legs easily adapt to the child’s own growth, proving once again it is a great element for your house. The Ovo chair is a much needed piece of furniture that will make your life easier.