Mother – Daughter Chair by Michael Whitney

Usually furniture is made only to have a functional purpose, meaning for you to sit on when you watch TV, stay at the office and so on. However, every once in a while some people realize you can do so much more than simple furniture that does not express anything and they try to turn a simple chair into a meaningful work of art. For example gthe furniture designer Michael Whitney imagined a very different chair gthat was actually physically linked to another chair and called it or them “Mother-Daughter chair”.

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The design of this chair is really interesting as it conjoins two chairs together. But if you want to understand the meaning behind the piece of furniture, you should try and see beyond the surface. And you will realize the two chairs are very different in style and colour and everything else. One of them is a bit old fashioned and traditional – that would be the “mother” and the small one is very modern and stylish, with metal tipped legs – that is the “daughter”.

Even though they are apparently very different, they are part of each other whether they want it or not . Each of the two chairs has only three legs, the fourth one being shared with the other. Pretty cool picture for the family link, right?