Morris Floor Storage from Pottery Barn

The kitchen is a magic place where you meet a lot of interesting tools and flavours, where meat and vegetables are stored and then turned into food and where the lady of the house is the queen. But all these things must be kept somewhere handy, in case you need them. Spices and all the herbs and plants you use when cooking are among the ones that you must always keep next to you, so it would be a good idea to have them stored in an open basket or a cabinet. Actually this Morris Floor Storage from Pottery Barn is perfect.

Img54oIt is an innovative storage that is made by combining two rattan baskets that are further placed on a double vine and arurog frame. Actually this storage can be used in small places for example the corners in both your kitchen and your bathroom. It looks great and is open, having also a great design. It is not affected by moisture, as it has a special finish.  If you want to move it from one place to another you simple grab the two handy handles and take it like a huge basket. It is not meant to be fixed on the wall, but it stays just fine on the floor, wherever you need it. The item is now available at Pottery Barn for $169.