1001 Arabian Nights In Your Bedroom. Moroccan Décor Ideas

The Arabian culture has always offered us all sorts of inspiration. In interior design, using it can be tricky. You have to be very specific and accurate. You need to do some research beforehand or you may think you’ve given your bedroom a Moroccan look for example when in fact it’s just cheap illusion. Here are a few pointer to steer you into the right direction.

Morrocan pure designView in gallery

Hang lanterns above the bed and around it. If you have a canopy bed, use the frame. It will give the bedroom an authentic Moroccan look and the ambiance is also sort of romantic.

Morrocan bedding textileView in gallery

Pay attention to the fabrics and patterns you use in the bedroom. They should be soft, thick and the patterns need to actually evoke the culture.

Create a unique ceilingView in gallery

Turn the ceiling into a focal point. This coffered ceiling is a work of art. So intricate and full of details.

The most beautiful morrocan bedroomView in gallery

Pick a headboard that stands out. Simple and plain designs are not really Moroccan-style. Opt for something more ornate like this one.

Bedroom featurinng hanging morrocan lights and headboardView in gallery

Here’s another gorgeous headboard that beautifully captures the essence of this style. The bed also features lanterns hanging on either side which emphasize the authentic look.

Wood carved canopy bed morrocan styleView in gallery

A carved canopy bed with an intricate design like this one is a one-of-a-kind piece. The whole room looks like a temple, with the niches in the walls, the arched windows and that ornate ceiling.

Hang carpets on wall for a morrocan decorView in gallery

Hang carpets on the walls. For example, use a carpet with a Moroccan motif to create the illusion of a headboard for the bedroom.

Canopy hanging bed feelingView in gallery

Try a hanging bed. However, not any kind of bed will do. This one is perfect. The canopy and the soft, see-through fabric plus the way the bed floats make it look absolutely gorgeous.

Black floor canopy bed morrocan styleView in gallery

Choose ornate furniture pieces such as a side table with a carved base or nightstands with that weathered, antique look. The bed can also feature decorations carved into its base.

Arched door must have for morrocan decorView in gallery

Arched doors and windows can also impact a room’s décor. But be careful because there are several different shapes and designs when it comes to these things.

Curtain over bed romantic feelingView in gallery

Don’t have a canopy bed? Make your own. Take some fabric, preferably in a warm color and hang it above the bed to form a large fold.

Colorful chandelier morrocan bedroomView in gallery

A colorful chandelier with hanging beads and ornate sockets would be a wonderful piece for a Moroccan-inspired bedroom.

Mysterious moroccan bedroomView in gallery

Make a cozy window nook and accessorize it with throw pillows. The pillowcases can feature a diversity of Moroccan motifs and a color palette that, in combination with a few other accent features, will come together perfectly.