Create Your Own Home Artwork – 5 Fun And Simple Projects

In order for a space to feel like home it needs to be decorated with personal items and what better way to do that than with your own artwork? You can make your own paintings to display on the wall if you’re talented that way but you can also tackle all sorts of other projects, a lot simpler.

Ingenious way to create wall artView in gallery

Make a beautiful piece to display in your home using a plastic bottle and some paint. First draw a branch on paper of fabric using a dark color. Then put some pink paint in a plate or bowl, dip the plastic bottle in it and then use it to make lovely flowers.

Board diy wall artView in gallery

You can also use a foam board and brass push pins to make an interesting piece to display on your walls. First frame the board and cover it with fabric if you prefer texture. Then take a bunch of pins and just push them into the foam. Create any shape or design you want.

Old window frame turned into a family pictures displayView in gallery

An old window can become a picture frame. Print out some photos and trim them to match the size of the window panes. Then just attach them, if there’s space left use paper to line the interior.{found on iammommahearmeroar}.

Floor framed wall artView in gallery

Make your own magnet board. You’ll basically need a piece of sheet metal, a piece of thin plywood and trim. Nail the trim into place or use an old picture frame for that. Then glue the sheet metal to the plywood. You can also line it with pages from a book or magazine or leave it like that.{found on twiceremembered}.

Abstract wall painting diyView in gallery

If you’re a fan of abstract art, make your own. You need a hammer, nails, binder clips and abstract photos. Attach two binder clips to each photo, determine where you want to place and use two nails to secure it there. Repeat for the others.{found on twinkleandtwine}.