Modern furniture collection from The Home Key

Even though this collection dates back to 2009, it still has a very modern look that is surprisingly difficult to find. Designed and created by The Home Key, this furniture collection would look beautiful in any modern or contemporary home. It features straight vertical lines and geometrical shapes and forms that really make each piece stand out.

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The collection features a series of sofas, sectional, chairs and ottomans that all share the same lines and basic designs but that have an individual look that makes each one special and unique. The pieces come in a large variety or colors and color combinations. You can choose a more neutral combination of beige and brown tones or you can opt for some vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow and combinations of all these. The Home Key collection manages to combine the modern look and the comfort that everyone wants for their furniture pieces.

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In a modern or contemporary home, any one of these pieces of furniture would integrate perfectly. You can take home the whole collection or you can just select the pieces you like best or those you need the most. This particular furniture collection proves that, even though something has been designed several years ago, it can still look modern to those who see it. Style and elegance are timeless concepts.