Minimalist and multifunctional desk/console table

Ideally we could separate home from work. Sometimes it’s not possible and for some of us the two tend to become synonyms. For those who occasionally need a home office but don’t want to invest in it either because it’s not fully necessary or because the space doesn’t allow you, a multifunctional work space would be perfect. This piece of furniture would be a great addition.

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It looks like a modern and very simple table. However, what you don’t see it that it also includes a pullout work surface and it has the potential of becoming a functional and practical desk. When not needed as such, the pullout work surface can remain hidden and the table can be used as a console desk/table. The Basis desk, regardless if it’s used as a desk or console table, is a great choice for any modern home.

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It has a minimalist design and it’s also double practical. The table is made of solid wood and hand-welded stainless steel. It has a strong and durable frame and it also features a deep drawer, perfect for storing paperwork or the laptop. The Basis desk/table features a lacquer finish and measures 50w 22d 30h. You can buy it now at the price of $1,299.00. It would make a nice addition to the bedroom if you prefer occasionally working there, or in the living room when it would make a nice console table. Because of its adaptable design, it might also make a nice addition to the guest room.