10 Mind-Blowing Dryer Sheet Hacks to Use Around the Home

When it comes to laundry, most of us can’t go without dryer sheets. These handy laundry helpers reduce static, soften our clothes, and leave them smelling fresh. But did you know that dryer sheets are capable of more than softening laundry? Grab a dryer sheet and try one of these hacks for keeping your home smelling fresh and looking clean.

Mind-Blowing Dryer Sheet Hacks

Repel Baseboard Dust

When you run a dryer sheet over a baseboard, it leaves an anti-static coating that repels dust. The dryer sheet will also pick up any dirt covering the baseboard. While this coating won’t last forever, it will keep your baseboards cleaner for longer, so you don’t have to wipe them down as often.

Freshen up the Trash Can

The next time you take out the trash, throw a dryer sheet at the bottom of the trash can before you put a new bag back in. It will keep your trash smelling fresh and combat nasty odors.

Remove Burnt-on Food from Dishes

If your regular dish soap isn’t working to dislodge burnt-on food from your favorite pot or pan, try this: fill your pan with hot water, add a couple drops of dish soap, and one dryer sheet. For light messes, allow the pan to soak for fifteen minutes. For stubborn burnt-on messes, allow it to soak overnight. Then, drain the water, and you should be able to scrub the food from the dish with little effort.

Scrub a Glass Shower Door

Wet a dryer sheet and rub it against your glass shower door using circular motions. The detergent in the dryer sheet will remove hard water spots and soap scum from the glass. Be sure to rinse the shower door with plain water afterward.

Deodorant Mark Removal

The next time you put on a shirt, only to reveal a large deodorant mark, reach for a dryer sheet. Rub it against the deodorant stain to erase it.

Clean Chrome Fixtures

Chrome bathroom fixtures can benefit from a wipe-down with a dryer sheet. The detergent and texture of the sheet will remove hard water spots and shine the chrome. Simply wet the dryer sheet and rub it against any chrome faucets or fixtures.

Keep Stored Clothes Smelling Fresh

Throw a dryer sheet into your clothing drawers, storage container, or suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh. You can also add one to your kid’s sports or gym bag to counteract sweaty odors.

Pick Up Dust Around the House

When you’re out of dusting supplies, reach for a dryer sheet. These handy laundry helpers can pick up dust and pet hair on hard and soft surfaces.

Eliminating Static Cling

Static electricity build-up in the house or body occurs most often in the winter when the air and your skin are dry. Use a dryer sheet to combat static electricity where needed. Rub the sheet against door knobs, your hair, or your favorite chair.

Freshen Bad-Smelling Shoes

If your shoes are smelling a bit ripe, throw a dryer sheet in each shoe and let it sit overnight. In the morning your shoes will smell much better.