Metallic Home Exteriors: To be or not to be?

Metallic sheeting has been an exterior option for structures for ages. Not until the past little while, however, has the material been a viable option for homes with a decidedly stylish design. Modern and contemporary homes thrive with a metallic exterior, but rustic styles can benefit as well. Is a metallic exterior in your home’s future?

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It can be more expensive up-front, to go with a quality metallic exterior. But for the lower cost of maintenance and upkeep over time, paired with the potential for modern high-style, it’s definitely worth considering.

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For those whose style is minimalist-modern, pure and simple, metal sheeting is a perfect choice. Its vibrant but non-fussy appearance, coupled with inherent geometry (and ability to showcase clean architectural lines) and cost effectiveness, makes a metallic home exterior something worth looking into.

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Corrugated siding increases the vertical presence of this contemporary home (helped along by those magnificent windows, of course). This is helpful when a structure is designed with a flat roof, which has the tendency to create a squat silhouette. This is the epitome of simple luxury.

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Set picturesquely amongst hillside nature, this metallic-sided home looks almost like a pair of stacked metal shipping boxes. Despite its rustic setting, the home is a study in contemporary architecture… still embracing and balancing design with nature, though, with its interior hardwood floors and muted tones.

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For an unconventional blend of traditional and modern, this home dives in head-first. Brick-shaped metallic siding bridges the style gap, while earthy wooden barn-style sliding doors keep the metallic shine from looking too space-age.

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One key to a successful metallic exterior is breaking up the visual expanse of metal somehow, with windows, wood, or angles of the home itself. This three-story house does all that and more – adding in plenty of strategic exterior lights to further illuminate the metallic sides. The effect is ultra-modern and stunning.

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Metallic sheeting takes an unexpected turn in a sky-matching aqua shade in this contemporary home. Windows and sliding glass doors not only break up the expanse of metal on the large home, but they also provide a functional ventilation system.

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Looking closer, the distinct outlines of the metal sheets are kept visible, furthering the architectural angles of the home itself and highlighting the excellent exterior materials choice.

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Beautiful copper sheeting catches the sunlight at any angle on this contemporary Austrian home’s exterior. The unique slanted angle of these upper exterior walls only serves to highlight the lovely metallic sheen.

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Continuing the choice of metallic siding up onto the roof of this patio creates a seamless transition. With concrete that is the same tone as the metal serving as the patio floor, everyone is enveloped in a cocoon-esque wrap of light grey neutrality, making this airy patio feels even more spacious.

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