Metal Base Side Table

Modern homes go very well with modern furniture and there is a tendency now to make metal furniture, especially if we are talking about small items like this Random Base Side Table. It is made of stainless steel and it has a really interesting design. When you look at this side table for the first time, you think it looks just like an hourglass. The two bases are round shaped , but the top one is actually the table top and is full while the second base is only a metallic circle which is empty inside because it lies on the floor and supports the whole table, replacing the table legs successfully.

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In between these two circles there are many metal rods that connect them and they are arranged in an intricate and interesting design, being randomly placed. That is what makes every such table unique and interesting and also attractive, as otherwise it would be nothing but a predictable and boring side table. The metal table top is chrome-plated and that makes it shine beautifully in the middle of the living room. It can be used as both a side table and a mid-century modern art piece which is available at West Elm for $129.99.