Matreshka Light Chair, practical or extravagant?

The source of inspiration for this very original project was evidently the Matryoshka Doll. But this chair only borrowed the shape, with the curves of the female body, and the image is a very mysterious one. And so a new chair design was born, actually this being more than just a chair. It is actually a giant lamp in which you can actually sit. It’s a clever design, intriguing and inviting in the same time.

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This is an original chair design that has an incorporated lighting system. And the built-in LED RGB lighting system found in the upper part is also remote-controlled. It’s fancy and practical in the same time. You can create thousands of color combinations. If you just want to use the chair for reading, than you can choose white, or, if you want to create a more mysterious, romantic or fun atmosphere, there are plenty of other color options you can choose from. Considering this, the structure can also be used as a lamp, a very big and impressive one.

But the aspect is not the only thing the designer had in mind when creating this chair. It’s also very comfortable, because of the soft cushion and the friendly curved shape that embraces your body. Plus, the base allows 360° rotation both ways. This original and impressive chair is available in two basic color options: white and black.