May Lounge Chair

I am sure that all the girls and women know very well the bandage dress that keeps everything together and looks great on almost everyone, no matter how big or skinny. Well, apparently they some very creative guys have also invented the bandage chair or the May Lounge Chair. It is offered by the guys from Miles&May Furniture Works and looks incredible. First of all it is made for outdoors and it will look amazing in any garden or patio you might consider placing into.

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The chair is perfect for outdoors and the “bandage” cloth is supported by a beautifully carved wooden frame that is able to support people’s weight and also look graceful. The four legs are rather spread in order to provide stability and are linked together with beautifully arched and carved pieces of wood that can be admired underneath the chair. The chair is made of Teak and white nylon and is perfect for a long and cool day at the pool. It is made in the USA and is available for $1820. The arm rests are present on both sides of the chair and are really comfortable. The whole chair gives you the sense of security and style, class and usefulness.