Leaf Table by Joris Laarman

The famous Dutch designer Joris Laarman at Friedman Benda will unveil a number of most awaited designs including the innovative Leaf Table soon. This futuristic designer has unveiled many innovative designs, which include the bone furniture, which was launched way back in 2007. This furniture was designed still further back in 2006.The main reason for this furniture to get huge popularity is because it translated all the functionality of a human bone.

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The table, which may very well act as a coffee table, has a very beautiful shape and an interesting base. The deign is interesting and intriguing, and this is always a plus when it comes to furniture pieces. People like intriguing designs because they have that mysterious look that makes the unique. This table does exactly that. It’s a very beautiful table. And if you really like to add some fun and interesting furniture pieces to your home, you’ll find the matching chair perfect. It has a very strange shape, that reminds of the human bones. It’s a little creepy when you think about it, but the design is really beautiful and it helps quickly forget that.

Bone chair joris laarman

So in case you were looking for some interesting and unique furniture pieces for your living room, this collection could be the one. It has it all: it’s practical, functional, beautiful, stylish, elegant and intriguing.