Iron Coffee Tables from Antonino Sciortino

An Italian designer Antonino Sciortino created some small fashion objects using wire segments and soft iron. This elegant collection of coffee tables in various shapes and sized is a great decorative accessory for those who love the iron.

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Iron is probably the least expected material when it comes to coffee tables. They are usually made of wood, glass or other widely used materials. And they all have interesting designs and shapes. But this collection also uses interesting materials. It’s a collection dedicated to those who are looking for something different, something that could distinguish them for everybody else. The pieces are modern and it’s not just because of the iron used to create them.


They also have unusual shapes for a coffee table. The designs are modern and the pieces would look nice in a modern home that shares the same style. They are very simple, they don’t have additional storage spaces or shelves, so if you were hoping for those features to be incorporated in the design, forget about it. This collection is not meant to be functional, but odd and different for all points of view. I like the chairs, more exactly the stools.

But there’s something that really bothers me and it’s the height of the coffee table. As you can see the stools are significantly higher than the coffee table, so this mean it would be very uncomfortable to use them together. Think about that before rushing to buy them.