These 15 Interior Design Trends Will Be 2024’s Biggest Hits

In 2024, many of the trends we’ve seen dominate in the past years are coming to an end, with new styles emerging. Natural elements, wood cabinets, sleek spaces, and bold colors are just some of 2024’s trend highlights.

Furniture with Curved Silhouettes

Modern farmhouse furniture with oversized, comfy silhouettes ran supreme for the past few years, but trends are changing. Curved furniture is making a splash due to its ability to add a design element to the room while still providing function.

Sofas with curved backs and semi-circle shapes are big for living room spaces. If you don’t want to sacrifice sofa comfort, consider bringing in curved-back accent chairs, circular coffee tables, and ottomans.

Large, Framed Wall Art

Large, framed wall art looks substantial and makes a statement. These large pieces are ideal for filling in empty wall space without the visual clutter of a gallery wall. They can fit any style, from loud and punchy to delicate and sophisticated.

“Gallery walls will always be a classic way to decorate a wall, however I see trends leaning into large scale art,” says Interior Designer Tina Martindelcampo of Soul and Lane. “Large scale art is bold and dominates the room, in a good way, evoking strong emotions. I use it often in larger spaces or rooms with high ceilings because it draws the eye upwards.”

Natural Wood Accents

White-painted everything is out, and natural wood is in. Consider adding wood dressers, side tables, and floors to your home. While these natural tones are trending, they’re also classic, so you can safely invest in your favorite pieces without worrying about them going out of style.

Real-Wood Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

If you have an all-white kitchen, don’t worry—it offers classic appeal and will never be out of style. But if you’re gearing up for a major kitchen or bathroom renovation and want it to be on trend, choose natural wood cabinets. Solid wood offers a classic, high-end look and can increase your home’s resale value.

Brick Tiles

“Brick accent tiles are in vogue, offering a rustic charm and texture that blends vintage and contemporary design elements,” says Designer Nina Lichtenstein of Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein. “With their earthy tones and tactile quality, they bring a touch of authenticity to modern interiors, embracing the enduring appeal of natural materials.”

Consider adding brick tile on an accent wall anywhere your home could benefit from a natural touch. Choose from antique, white, or standard red brick to match your room’s aesthetic.

Bold Paint Colors

While earth tones are in for the year, so are bold colors. Color-drenching has been one of the most viral interior design trends of 2024. It consists of painting all elements in a room the same color, including the walls, doors, trim, and ceilings. Rather than playing it safe with white or beige, color-drenching usually involves a bold hue.

Other ways to incorporate bold color schemes include wallpaper, rugs, and furniture.

Sleek and Modern Kitchens

Sleek minimal kitchens favor form over function. They feature decluttered counters, easy-to-clean surfaces, and concealed appliances.

A big trend in new kitchen renovations is drawers and compartments that hide everyday appliances like the microwave, air fryer, and toaster. This hidden storage allows for that nothing-on-the-counter look.

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks are one-piece sinks and countertops, often made from natural stone. These design elements fit into the “sleek” category, seamlessly flowing from sink to counter. They work in bathrooms and kitchens.

Sleek Walk-in Closets

Sleek walk-in closets are an extension of the bedroom with ample space for organization. These closets often feature the same flooring as the bedroom with a minimal look. Matching hangers, shelves for shoes, jewelry organizers, extravagant light fixtures, and even a small chair fit the style.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a natural material that furniture makers utilize for pieces ranging from light fixtures to accent chairs. Its texture and light golden look add an earthy feel to a space and work with many design styles.

Adding a rattan element in dark or dreary rooms can lighten the space and make it more visually attractive.

Minimalist Lighting

Say goodbye to big, bulky lighting and try a minimalist fixture for 2024. These fixtures are especially prominent in bathrooms. Designers are replacing traditional over-the-mirror lighting with slim sconces that look like artwork. You can find minimal lighting choices to suit modern, elegant, and eclectic styles.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

With people still spending large amounts of time at home, spa-like bathrooms aren’t going anywhere. Oversized soaking tubs, walk-in showers, and soothing colors create a bathroom you can escape to. Bathroom trends for the year favor earth-tone color palettes, wood cabinets, and lots of natural texture.

Gray Furniture

While gray flooring is now considered outdated, gray furniture is still in for 2024. Rather than cool gray, designers opt for warm, greige sofas and chairs that work well with other natural elements.

Large Leaved Plants

Ask designers for easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up a room, and many will answer “plants.” Filling your home with plants improves the air quality and look of your space. While all plants are on trend for 2024, big-leaf varieties are especially popular.

Top varieties include the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa,) the Rubber Tree, the creeping velvet Philodendron, and the Cast Iron Plant.

Well-Designed Home Offices

The pandemic caused a stir in regular working environments. Many realized that their jobs could be done from the comfort of their home, hence the rise in remote work. If you work from home, consider adding a well-designed office to your 2024 trend to-do list.

“With the rise of remote work, well-designed home offices are a priority, emphasizing functionality without compromising style. Well-designed home offices prioritize functionality through thoughtful layouts, ergonomic furniture, and technology integration, enhancing productivity in remote work environments,” says Home Designer Nina Lichtenstein.