How You Can Incorporate Wine Racks Into Your Design Without Wasting Space

Whether you’re a wine connaisseur or not, it’s always nice to have a bottle or two in the house. But where do you keep them? Well obviously a wine rack would surely be helpful. Lots of people seem to think that a wine rack is just an accessory and that it takes up space that can be used for something else. But there are ways in which you can incorporate wine racks into your interior design without wasting any space.

Living room wine storage glass doors

Depending on where you want to store and display the wine bottles, you can figure out solutions. For example, if you want to have the bottles in the kitchen, then take a look around and see where you could spare some space.

Kitchen backsplash wine storage

For example, maybe you have some room in the corner or maybe you’re not using all the space available in your kitchen island. The cabinets are also an option. Maybe there’s some space there or maybe you can squeeze a vertical drawer somewhere.

Idea for wine celar

Another option is to store the bottles in the dining since you’ll most likely be using them there. Here things are not that simple but there are still lots of options.

Attic wine taste room

You could have a wall-mounted wine rack on one of the walls. There are lots of designs which take up very little space and which also look great. If the dining room is out of the question as well, then turn your attention to other spaces. Don’t overlook anything. You’ll definitely find a solution so just be creative and open-minded.

Built in racks.

Buil in kitchen wine storage
Because the compartments are so small, this is a great space-saving idea
Above fridge wine storage
The space above the refrigerator is normally not used for anything so take advantage of that
Books and white kitchen storage
You can try to find some room on the wall, as an extension of the cabinets
Clever wine or bottle storage
You can even store your wine bottle inside the wall itself
Built in kitchen furniture wine storage
Stack the compartments vertically and you’ll surely find some space for them

A built-in wine rack doesn’t take up much space, especially since you can incorporate in areas which would normally remain empty. So make some room in the kitchen island, above the fridge, in a corner or even in the wall.

Inside the wall.

Wine column storage
Wine bottles aren’t the only things you can store inside a wall
Into the walls storage wine
There holes were actually exposed during renovation and repurposed
Corner breakfast wine storage
You can also come up with all sorts of designs for wall-integrated wine racks

Carved-out spaces inside the walls are excellent for storage and display. So if you don’t want to use counter space for the wine rack, an idea is to incorporate it into the wall. It’s not that difficult to do this and it’s ingenious, unusual and eye-catching.

Use the staircase wall.

Understairs wine storage
In the case of a suspended staircase, the space underneath is excellent for storage
Modern undestairs wine storage
You can integrate storage compartments inside the staircase wall without compromising its design
Wine collection understairs
Another great use of the wall space under the staircase
Wine shelfs
If you’d rather not carve inside the wall, you can mount shelves

The staircase wall actually presents you with an excellent storage opportunity, not just for wine bottle but for all sorts of other things. You can design shelves and storage compartments and they wouldn’t take up floor space at all. It will also be an interesting display for the room.

Inside the kitchen island.

Kitchen island storage wine books
An excellent storage solution which also looks good
Modern kitchen stainels hood
A large kitchen island provides enough storage space to choose from
Wine storage and lighting
You can customize the kitchen island to include wine storage
White modern kitchen splash green
Find the best place for the wine cubbies once you figure out where the plumbing is installed
Modern kitchen island white
The space on the side of the island is also excellent for storing wine bottles

The kitchen island is a wonderful storage area. It usually comes with drawers, shelves and storage compartments. There’s also the possibility of including a wine-storage system in the island. You can use the side of the kitchen island or you can simply find a space in between the drawers.

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