How to Make the Most Of & Enjoy your Small Winter Patio

You don’t have to run away from your patio or outdoor home, just because it is wintertime. There are lots of ways through which you can have a functional and aesthetically pleasing patio in the cold months of winter. Whether your desire is to hang out with your loved ones in the cool evenings or daytime, let the following ideas help you make the most of your patio and enjoy it as much as you should.

winter patio fireplaceView in gallery
Winter patio ideas – add a fireplace!

Outdoor sun porches:

You might be worried on how you can make the most of your outdoor sun porches during the winter. Have you thought about erecting a wind break wall? With this type of wall, while you are still able to view your surroundings, it will shield you and your guests and loved ones from direct cool breezes while at the same time transforming the overall look of your outdoor porch. If metal is used for the windbreak, it should be perforated so that strong winds can pass through without damaging it.

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Add decor to warm up your winter patio

Add throw pillows and blankets:

There is nothing as comforting and soothing as having blankets to keep you and your guests warm as you enjoy a cool evening in your small patio. Throw pillows also create the same effect as everyone can hold onto a throw pillow to keep warmer. The overall decor also gets a boost when you add the throw pillows to the decor, especially if the upholstery in the patio is pale.

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Don’t let your winter home stay unoccupied this season

Warm up with an outdoor heater:

If installing a fireplace is not your thing, then you can become more creative with the addition of outdoor heater. Most of the heaters come as propane-powered. So, while you sit with your loved ones, sipping hot cocoa and cracking jokes, the outdoor heater keeps everyone warm as long as you choose to stay out there.

Install an outdoor fireplace:

In order to enjoy that quiet evening you have planned on a cold winter night, it is necessary that you have optimum heating system to keep you warm all through the night. You can opt for permanent but large fireplaces or you can settle for portable and moveable fireplaces. If you choose to, you can even add a grill and table to get your patio fully prepared for the winter.

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Winter patio fire pit idea

Enclosed patio:

This is one trick that has worked for a lot of homeowners who find it difficult enjoying their patios during the chilly winter days and nights. With the screens, the patio is shaded from excess breeze which gets chilly by the day. Depending on your budget or preference, you can go for plastic or glass walls which allow you to enjoy clear views of your environment while shielding you from the coldness outside. It also helps to keep your patio dry.

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Enjoy your patio or sunroom this winter season

Enjoying an ambient and dry patio during winter is achievable. With the use of outdoor fireplaces, outdoor space heaters, throw pillows and blankets, enclosed patios and wind breaking walls, you will be able to enjoy yourself in the winter instead of involuntarily being indoors through out the cold season.

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