How to Decorate With Twin Beds

Twin beds can make a room look uncomfortable simply because they occupy most of the floor space. This is why the décor needs to be created in such a way to inspire comfort and peace. It’s difficult to be practical when organizing a room that has to include not one but two beds. So how do you manage? These images should give you a few hints.

Kids room twin bedsView in gallery

Symmetry is important when decorating a room with twin beds. Keep that in mind when placing the accessories such as lamps, framed artwork, etc. symmetry makes the room look organized and balanced.

Green room design twin bedsView in gallery

The shape of the room and the placement of the window highlight the symmetry of the design in the case of this attic bedroom.

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You can create symmetry with color. Choose matching bedding and a bold accent color that stands out and spread colored accents symmetrically throughout the room.

Symmetrical design bedsView in gallery

It can’t really get any more symmetrical than this. The décor of the room is planed down to the smallest detail.

Strong contrast bedroom twin bedsView in gallery

Use strong contrasts to highlight some particular design details such as the sculptural frames of these twin canopy beds. The black and white combo is a lovely fit.

Constrast twin bedroomView in gallery

The same crisp and powerful contrast defines this bedroom as well. Two black stripes form a canopy above the beds and matching woven pendant lights hang above each of them.

Closer twin beds designView in gallery

Join the two beds and don’t place anything in between. They’ll still be two individual units but they’ll look like one. The shape of the headboards makes these two stand out and the sunburst mirror is beautifully centered there.

Mirrored nighstand between bedsView in gallery

If you want to unify the two beds without actually placing them side by side here’s another idea: they can share the same headboard. Although there’s a void in between where the nightstand is placed, the headboard connects the two beds.

Murphy twin bedsView in gallery

A very practical idea would be to integrate the twin beds into a wall unit. By making them fold-down beds, they can stay hidden during the day and free up floor space for other activities.

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In a room where two twin beds are the only things that can fit, there’s not much space for anything else. Choose light colors and try to make the room seem as bright as possible. Don’t overwhelm it with accessories.