How to decorate the patio with plants

When it comes to contemporary designs in houses; the courtyard, in other words called the patio is something that grabs a great deal of attention. It plays a lot of functions other than just being an open area within the house plan. The courtyard can in fact be utilized to make it fit to the theme of the interiors of the house. And in most cases, the patio is basically beatified using lot of green plants strategically planted or potted plants placed in appropriate ways to make the place look vibrant and also give it a touch of decoration.

Patio with plants6

To begin our decoration of the patio with plants, the first and foremost requirement is to have a blueprint, a plan, or maybe a theme in mind. And only then can we move on accordingly. But some of the most obvious ways of decorating the courtyard is to hang potted plants at the edges of the adjacent walls surrounding the patio. This can be followed by placing specific plants like shrubs in a neat way in the corners of the patio. Having a lotus pool at one end or maybe even at the centre is another attraction.

Patio with plants

Once done with these basics, we can make up a sitting are using spare logs or trunks to make them fit in. planting a tree is a good idea if it is an open courtyard, open from the top. For this a tall tree like coconuts can be chosen, which not only would add to the aesthetic beauty but would also prove shade to sit bet it.

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But care should be taken to make sure that the falling fruits are channelized safely to avoid unwanted mishaps later on. Another very common feature now a day is that people have started planting their patio with different kind of grass to make it much more vibrant as well as catching to the eye. A kind commonly called the ‘Carpet Grass’, which is very much soft and doesn’t need much attending, is most commonly used but other varieties are also used.

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And one more common way around with plants is vertical displays in adjacent walls of the patio, which gives it a totally new dimensional look. Decorating up the patio with plants doesn’t need to have designer as well as costly plants in store, but a good plan to strategically place the plants to make the area look good…