How To Decorate Around Windows

Like everything else in life, buildings also have undergone a change over time. New technologies have made ideas that must have seemed impossible not only a possibility but a reality.Who could have thought a hundred years ago that a hundred storey buildings could be the new reality?

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Along with the hundred storey buildings have come other materials, such as, steel and plastic doors and windows, floor treatments, wall treatments, more and more lighting options. Speaking of lighting, one of the marvels of modern day invention is the toughened glass that makes it possible to have vast expanses of the glass as an option to windows. The ubiquitous French windows of the late 18th and early 20th century have now reached to being walls of glass.

Yes, modern living, as an integral part uses windows that are also walls. Smooth sheets and transparent or translucent material that stretch from floor to ceiling and column to column, from one end of a room to another, providing light, expansiveness and a sense of luxury to what would perhaps be another ordinary room on the 25th floor.

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With walls that are windows, ones room expands to encompass the sky. The higher you go, the more panoramic is the view. Even though the glass is sealed and airtight from all sides a window that is a wall makes a room feel airy. It is certainly a recipe to light your spirits.

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These wall windows, or windows which are wall substitutes have brought with them the fashion of linear modern furniture, preferably chrome and leather, large boxy sofas which are long and rectilinear, into which you can sink. Consol tables with straight lines very often in chrome and glass, brightly colored cushions and a carpet lend pep and zing to the room.

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You will find rooms like this in almost every lifestyle magazine. They are sparsely furnished and easy to decorate, because the object d’art can be large in size but few in number. The window wall becomes the central feature of the room with everything radiating to and from it even while furnishing and decorating the room, attention has to be paid to its location. Without that attention to detail, the room would look a mess.

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Having said all this, window walls have their downsides too, depending upon the quality of glass used your wall could very well end up having scratches. Replacing such a large chunk of glass can be an expensive business.