20 Trendy Ceiling Design Ideas

The ceiling is usually not given enough importance but this is starting to change lately. Not so long ago everyone had plain white ceilings. It was fine but it wasn’t really fair that the walls were the only ones people were interested in making look beautiful. The ceiling deserves that too. So what can you do to make it stand out? Well, there are several possibilities.

A simple and chic trim will give the ceiling a classical and elegant look

For example, you could create contrast in the room by painting the ceiling a dark color and the walls bright or vice versa. This way it will stand out regardless of the color you choose. Also, if you opt for a plain and simple ceiling design, you can always accessorize it and decorate it with a beautiful chandelier or pendant light.

Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls for a cohesive look
You can wallpaper the ceiling or you can paint it to give it a more sophisticated look
Create contrast in the room by painting the ceiling bright and the walls dark
Pattern is also an interesting option for both the ceiling and the walls
You can leave the ceiling unfinished to give it more character
Give the room a sophisticated allure by painting the ceiling golden
A beautiful chandelier can complement any type of ceiling
If you want to match the ceiling to the walls you can still have moldings or just a trim
Exposed beams and vaulted ceilings can have a dramatic effect on the décor
A simple ceiling can be complemented by either a chandelier or a stylish pendant light
If the walls are neutral you can paint the ceiling a bold color for contrast
You can match the color of the ceiling with the furniture or the accessories in the room
Complementary colors and shades can also look good on the walls and ceiling

The design you choose for the ceiling can also be conditioned by whether or not you have a high ceiling or a low ceiling. High ceilings make a room seem more spacious and this is why they are usually painted a bright color.

Sometimes a uniform look is best for a more traditional home
You can paint the bedroom ceiling and admire it each time you go to bed
A simple pattern on a colorful background can also be a chic idea
Yellow Yellow

Low ceilings make the room feel cozy and inviting so in this case you can also play with different colors and designs to make it look more sophisticated. Then there are also all the other possibilities such as having exposed beams, suspended ceilings, sculptural ceilings, cathedral ceilings, tray ceilings, drop ceilings, vaulted ceilings and all the other types.