How To Build A Planter That Has Character And Style

There’s more to planters that just the old-fashioned terracotta pots or the usual plastic containers. There are lots of other great options to choose from and all it takes is a little bit of creativity. You could even make your own planter. You can give it any extra features you want and use any materials you want for the project. Check out the following ideas for some inspiration.

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A very practical idea is to build a planter that doubles as a storage box or small cabinet. You can do that in only 10 easy steps. First you create the side frames out of wood boards and using glue and screws. Then you make the box frame that goes at the top. Apply the sides and the back and then add the bottom. Align and attach the top. Then add the door and sand the box. Stain it and install the hinges and handle. At the end, make the planting tray and line it with a sheet of plastic. Insert the tray into the top.

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If you’re not interested in adding extra storage or having a large planter, then maybe you’d enjoy customizing your existing pots. You can find an inspiring idea on passionshake. The idea suggested here is very simple. You just have to wrap sisal around a planter and glue it in place little by little. You’ll get a planter that looks chic and has a really nice texture.

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A planter can also be customized using paint and leather. Curious to know more about the idea? You’ll find a detailed description of the project on themerrythrought. The supplies needed are: terracotta pots, paint, brushes, leather, glue, an x-acto knife and q-tips. First paint the pot. It can be any color you want. Then cut a piece of leather the same length and width of the rim of the pot. Glue it to the rim and let it dry.

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In case you prefer something more natural, perhaps the project featured on guidecentr would be a better option. The supplies needed for the project include moss, plastic craft cord in assorted colors, a small pot plant with a compact root system and scissors. Lay the moss flat with the green side down. Take the plant from its container and place it at the center of the moss. Wrap the moss around the roots and secure it with cord. Wrap more cord around until you get a nice compact shape. Then make a hanger out of cord and display your new planter.

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The crescent moon planter featured on DIYs is very beautiful indeed. You can make a similar one out f a few simple things such as some brown air-dry clay, some strong cotton rope, a skewer and round cork boards. Roll out the clay and place one of the cork boards on top. Cut around the edge and take the cork board and place it to create a crescent moon shape. Repeat and make another identical piece. Then, for the bottom, roll out a long strip of clay and roll it along the cork board. Stack three cork boards and and use them as a sort of mold to put together the planter.

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Making a planter from scratch doesn’t have to be a difficult project. In fact, it can be a very simple one. You could make something minimal like a concrete planter with a wooden stand. Here’s what you’ll need: quick drying concrete, two boxes (empty juice boxes for example, one smaller and one larger), a bowl and spoon, duct tape, sandpaper, a square wood dowel, a saw, a connector plate and screws, brackets and a drill. We’ve already covered a detailed tutorial for the project so check it out for additional details.

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For your small succulents, you could make a bunch of cute little planters like the ones described on look-what-i-made. You can make them out of a piece of crafting wood. You’ll need a saw, a drill, some yarn, a needle, scissors and sandpaper. Cut the wood into five squares of equal dimensions. Drill holes along three of the sides on four of them and for the fourth one drill holes along all the edges. Then use yarn to connect the pieces.

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Another cute option for small succulents is to use PVC pipe sockets to make planters. If you want them to look like the ones on almostmakesperfect you’ll also need some granite effect spray paint, primer and painter’s tape. Prime the sockets and let them dry. Then tape off half and spray paint the other portion. You can also use tape to create other designs and patterns. Let the paint dry and the planters are ready to be used.

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If you want, you can make a planter box that holds several succulents and you can have fun combining them in a lot of ways. For the project you’re going to need a window box and an insert, four square aluminum tubes, paint, gold paint, a drill with metal bits, brass screws, felt pads and clamps. You can find a full description of the project on abeautifulmess. The plant stand is really chic, especially considering the choice of colors.

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A wooden pallet can be easily converted into a planter. In addition to the pallet, you’ll also need some black landscaping fabric, a staple gun and scissors. Cut the fabric into sections large enough to fill the sections on the pallet. Staple it in place. Make sure it’s not too tight and leave room for the soil. Cut out the excess fabric. Then fill these pockets with soil and plants. This inspiring idea comes from floralandfeather.