Oversized stone floor cushions made of wool

If you want to bring a piece of nature inside your home there are alternative ways to do that aside from damaging the actual parts that you want for your personal use. For example, some elements from nature can be recreated using artificial materials. These felted wool stones are a very good example.

Stone floor chusion

These floor cushions were designed by South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan. They resemble natural stones and they are very interesting and unique accessories for the house. The designer took her inspiration from nature. To recreate natural stones, she used wool and felt. This way the cushions are soft and cozy, have a nice texture and are also faithful to the original element. The floor cushions are created by personally trained artisans from the designer’s workshop in Gauteng- Johannesburg. These simple and ingenious accessories are made from 100% merino wool. They look like oversized stones but they are actually very soft.

These highly comfortable floor cushions come in three sizes. The small version measures 12″W x 14″D x 5″H, the medium one is 16″W x 20″D x 12″H while the dimensions for the large cushion are 31″W x 27″D x 16″H. They are hand washable in cold water and the prices vary from $298 to $695, according to the size you desire. These lovely textured cushions are great for living rooms, children’s bedroom and any other space that could benefit from their softness and highly comfortable design.