The Transformer table by Quentin Kelley

When you have a small place it’s difficult to fit everything inside. You often have to rely on multifunctional or expandable pieces of furniture. The Transformer Table takes those concepts to a whole new level. This table, as its name very well suggests, has a rather deceptive look. That’s because it’s an expandable table.

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When it’s folded, the Transformer Table is only 12’’ wide. However, this is just one of its faces. The table can easily be unfolded and then it turns into a spacious dining table. The folded version of this piece of furniture makes it ideal for small spaces. Measuring only 12’’ wide, the table can be easily integrated in a small room. It can be used as a console table, a sofa table or a display area. It sits quiet in a corner waiting for guests to come and for it to shine.

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Not only that the Transformer is very functional and has a suggestive name, but it’s also a very good-looking piece of furniture too. It’s made from solid wood, it has a simple and elegant shape and a beautiful design. It’s both stylish and functional. The dark finish makes the table stand out and is a great accent color that creates beautiful contrasts with white walls and neutral decors. The Transformer Table would have to be one of the best items designed for small spaces.Wa designed by Quentin Kelley.