How To Make A Modern House Number Plaque

The time has come for another urban jungle DIY – this time we will be making a Modern Plaque with an address. One thing that had been on my to-do list for some time was to create a nice, handmade address display with a modern touch so that it stands out. Before completing this project we had a standard metal numbers just above the post box, and although it served the purpose, they didn’t look very appealing (honestly quite boring!). To solve this problem, I designed a custom address plaque with a planter. One of the best things about this project is that it is super easy and quick, plus you won’t need any hard-to-find materials.

Urban Front door Planter


  • sandpaper
  • wooden plank
  • wooden box
  • wooden numbers / wooden sticks
  • white paint
  • nails + hammer
  • sealer
  • paint for the numbers (optional)
  • strong wood glue

Front Door Number


Before starting this project make sure to sandpaper all the wooden elements and clean them from dust to ensure smoothe surfaces.

1. All right, I assume you are ready to start. First of all, we will need to hook up the box to the wooden plank – simply by nailing
the box to the wooden surface.

Nailing the box

Fix Together all wood

2. Once they are fixed together, we will paint the wood, with white paint (twice, allowing the time to dry between the coats).

Paint the box

3. Now it’s time to choose your numbers, and here is where we can get creative! There are two options – you might want to get the standard,
metal or wooden option or display your house number in roman using wooden sticks, like I did.

Add numbers on it

4. I have glued them to the wooden plank with a strong hardware glue, painted in grey and spray painted the entire design with a sealer to make sure – it’s water-proof and resistant to dirt. Then using a hammer and a nail I made a little hole at the top of the plaque in order to hang it on the wall near my front door.

Hang on Wall

Add succulent planter

It can also be used as a standard planter, without a house number – it’s up to you! Above  you can see the final effect – what do you think? Do you like the original look or you prefer the standard options? Let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear your thoughts.