14 Home Decor Trends You Will Regret

Decorating your home can be very fun. But there will always be a few things you want to avoid. Some of these things are obvious. For example, using asbestos in your popcorn ceiling is a huge no-no, and we all know that now.

But whether or not you should use popcorn ceilings at all is more debatable. Some people love popcorn ceilings while others hate them. So that is something to be careful with rather than something to avoid completely. 

Home Decor Trends To Completely Avoid

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These trends and tips are definitely worth your time even if you pass on the trends that have exceptions. Because these trends rarely have exceptions if ever, because they are primarily based on safety. 

1. Too Many Fire Hazards

Or any fire hazards really. These days there is almost always a fire-resistant alternative to whatever you are getting. With so many options available, always choose the fireproof option if you can because you do not want a fire hazard in the house.

Of course, every house will have some fire hazards. You need oil in your home. The point is to think about the dangers of what you are doing when you do it. Whether it be furniture, building materials, or home decor items.

2. Not Having Outlets

No, you probably aren’t going to build your house without outlets. But sometimes, you can undercompensate and end up with few or even no outlets in a room, thinking you won’t need them. But you always do.

Every room, even a dining room, will need outlets. Each wall should have an outlet if possible. You never know what the future may hold so make sure you prepare for it by having an outlet or two on every single wall.

Low Furniture

3. Low Furniture

Low furniture isn’t ideal for a variety of reasons. For one, it is more difficult to keep a room clean if it has low furniture. But it also looks closed-in and the flow isn’t nearly as good as it is with high furniture. 

So in general, it is best to have medium to high furniture with limited low furniture. Of course, personal taste plays a role in this but for practical reasons, low furniture is not the way to go anymore. 

4. Carpet Everywhere

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Carpet is okay occasionally, but more often than not, it’s just a hotspot for germs and bacteria to grow. Mold is especially dangerous and can grow easily in the carpet when moisture sets in underneath it.

While carpet that is very well taken care of isn’t generally dangerous, it is better safe than sorry with this one. The carpet is difficult to keep clean and dates fairly quickly. So try to keep it to a minimum if you use it at all. 

5. Outdated Appliances And Furniture

Outdated Appliances And Furniture

It isn’t just the dated look that affects your home because there is a difference between outdated and dated. Dated means that it looks old and has a “dated” aesthetic. But when it comes to outdated, things are more practical. 

Outdated appliances can be very dangerous. So make sure that you have an electrician or plumber check with your appliances regularly to ensure that they don’t present any hazards around your home.

6. White Cloth Furniture

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This may not seem like it belongs in the “completely avoid” category but for your own sanity, it surely does. White furniture, in general, can get very dirty, very quickly. But leather is easier to clean than cloth. 

It doesn’t matter how clean you think your household is, you can’t keep white cloth furniture clean. Try for cream at the very least or a nice beige, which is much easier to keep clean than pure white furniture. 

Home Decor Trends To Be Careful With

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Now we have things that aren’t complete no-nos but that are things you want to be very careful with. You can do them if you like but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Let’s take a look at these trends. 

Please keep in mind that these are not listed to offend because there are exceptions. These are just a few things that can make or break a house. Perhaps you can ensure that it turns out wonderfully in your home.

7. Ordering Online Too Much

There’s nothing wrong with ordering online. In fact, we encourage it. But it is best to occasionally see something in person before you commit to buying it. Especially when it comes to either used things or things that mean a lot to you. 

If you can’t decide whether to order online or not, there are two things you can do. The first is checking the return policy. If it is easy and allowed, then go ahead and order. The other thing to think about is how disappointed you’ll be if it isn’t what you expected. 

8. Feature Walls

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Feature walls are definitely not something to completely stay away from. But you do have to be careful with them. A wall of gaudy wallpaper surrounded by bright painted walls will definitely be too much. 

When choosing a feature wall, try to go for something tasteful. You can paint a mural for an easy feature wall, or you can add a different color to the wall. Whatever you do, take your time to decide if it is right. 

9. Scaling Rooms Incorrectly 

Scaling is so important. While you can get by with mis-sized furniture, it is much better to think about each piece before adding it. A couch may look great at the store but it may not work for your space at home. 

Before you begin buying furniture, plan out what you want. Create a range for each piece that you can deal with and don’t get out of that range. Write out a diagram or blueprint that you can carry around with you.

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10. Overdoing It

This is a very vague way to say be careful not to add too much clutter to your room. This means cluttering the shelves will all sorts of books and figures but it also means adding too many chairs around the table.

On the other hand, it may not be actual pieces of something you’re overdoing it with either. It could be you are adding clashing patterns that overwhelm the room and give people who walk into it anxiety. 

11. Not Working With The Architecture 

The architecture in your home is the way it is for a reason. Try to respect it by working with it instead of against it. This doesn’t just mean work with tall ceilings or wide doorways, but it is deeper than that.

Feel free to merge styles but try to stay as true to the architectural style as possible. Because some styles can clash. Using an adobe home and adding contemporary furniture can work, but only if done carefully. 

12. Theming 

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Again, theming isn’t something you want to stay away from altogether but it is something that you should be careful not to overdo. Unless in a child’s room, where the rules are slightly different than they are everywhere else. 

Because in a kids’ room, it should look childlike. But if you use themes anywhere else, it will also look childlike unless done very tastefully. You can beach up a beach house but be careful with the less classy items.

13. Solo-Coloring

Using multiple shades of one color can work if you are skilled in interior design. But using one solid shade in a whole room is bound to end up making the space look less than stellar. Especially if it is a bright shade.

Instead, find complementary colors that work well together. Find a color similar to your starting color at almost any paint company’s site and then go to complementary colors for ideas to work around your room.

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14. Off Metals

This means metals that aren’t the primary metals if that makes sense. For example, rose gold is gorgeous but you have to be careful with it due to the other tones found in it. This is true for any metal, but the standards are easier to work with.

The best thing to do is find out if it is a warm or cool color. Then find out what undertones it has. Work from there to match the off-metal with the colors of your room, taking special care if you are using more than one.

Safety Then Your Preferences 

These are the only two things that truly matter. The first thing you need to prioritize is your safety. Check with professionals to make sure you are taking care of this. After that is taken care of, it’s time to work on what you want.

This one is all on you. It’s perfectly okay and preferable to check with designers to help you achieve your dream home. But when it comes to choosing between two things or on overall designs, then you need to make that decision. 

If what you want is on the list of things to be careful with then don’t worry. Let your design be the exception. Because there will always be exceptions. So follow your heart because only you can make your dreams come true.