Home Art Studio Ideas To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Home art studio ideas flooding through your brain? Then you couldn’t have come to a better place. We have plenty of ideas to get those creative juices flowing. You deserve something special and so does your artwork, so let’s make that happen.

art studio ideas

Don’t worry if you don’t use digital art or paint. Don’t fret if you have a small space. We are here to work with whatever you have and create a custom space that you can be proud of as you should be proud of your art.

What Is A Home Art Studio?

home art studio
Image from LA SALVAGE

An art studio is a private place for artists to let their creative juices flow and create art. Because art studios are so reliant on creativity, it’s important that the artist feels at home and enjoys the design of the room.

This is where you express yourself, so the room itself should be an expression of you and who you are. Design it with your art in mind and you really can’t go wrong. Maybe this is all you need for your next masterpiece. 

Window Seat Thinking, The Home Art Studio Must

Art studio with window seat
Image from SD Custom Homes

If you have space, a window seat is perfect for an art studio. This will give you space to sit and ponder your next project. If it’s comfortable enough, you can even take a nap in the afternoon during breaks.

You can fake a window seat by putting a chaise lounge or a comfortable bench by the window. Though the best window seats are built-in. Consider getting bay windows or bow windows for the best window seat.

Plenty Of Light In Your Home Art Studio

Art studio with ceiling light
Image from SKOLNICK Architecture & Design Partnership

Every art studio needs natural lighting for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is that you need to see your art in natural lighting while you’re creating it. But it can also make you feel more alive and ready to create. 

Nature’s Inspiration Is The Key

Art studio Nature's Inspiration 
Image from Strell Design

While living in the city won’t give you the best view, you can always compensate for that with some house plants. But a better option is having a good view of nature at work if you can at all. Count yourself lucky if you do!

Favorite Spot In Your Home Art Studio

Attic room art studio
Image from Mombo Interiors

There are many ways to not only have a favorite room but a favorite spot as well. Put down a chair, a favorite book, and a rug underneath to get started and work from there. Only use things that make your art even more focused.

Up And Away To Seize The Day

attic Up And Away

If you’re struggling with space and have a loft, consider using it. If your ceilings are at least 12 feet tall, you can create your own. You only need enough space to do your work, you don’t need extra floor space.

Display Your Artist’s Touch In Your Home Art Studio

Studio artist interior design
Image from Sweetwater Design

You don’t have to display your own art in order to display your art style. Surround yourself with inspiration at all times. Just make sure that the things inspire you and make you feel like creating something. 

Get Comfortable In Your Space

Studio artist interior design
Image from Gaspar’s Construction

If a recliner makes you feel creative, then go for it. If a rocking chair is more your style, then don’t be afraid to use one. You don’t need to create from the seating, you just need to have a place to sit that you feel comfortable with. 

Avoid Distractions With Simple Home Art Studio Ideas

Studio artist interior design
Image from Bolster

If you have ADHD or have a tendency to stray from your goal, then go ahead and keep lines clean. In fact, this can work for most people as it will keep distractions to a minimum and allow you to focus on work.

Stay Organized In Your Home Art Studio

Studio artist interior design
Image from Herron Horton Architects, Inc.

It can be said that artists have their own sort of organizational process. And it’s true! Find yours to keep yourself motivated and free from stress. It can be overwhelming if your space is too cluttered.

Corner Studio If You’re Short On Space

Studio artist interior design
Image from Lane Myers Construction

A wonderful way to create space where there isn’t any is to take a corner out of a room and close it off. Choose your largest room, which is usually the bedroom or living room, and take a corner for your studio. 

Display Your Own Art

Studio artist interior design

Create a display for all of your art, no matter what it is. If you sell the art, take pictures of what you’ve sold and display the pictures. Your best inspiration is truly your own art as no one has the same style. 

Pick A Style To Decorate The Home Art Studio

Studio artist interior design
Image from Joie De Vie Interiors

Mid-century modern float your boat? Or perhaps you prefer something like shabby chic? Choosing a design style that inspired you can be good for your creativeness. Because interior design is also an art form!

 The Hammock: Comfortable And Unique

Studio artist interior design
Picture from Kevin Browne Architecture

This idea isn’t just fun for kids but the kid in every artist that ever lived. Hang a hammock or net above your space so you can have a place to get away. Just be careful because you will be falling asleep up there. 

Stark, Stark, Stark: The Home Art Studio Canvas

Studio artist interior design
Image from Organize My Drawer

This is another awesome way to let your art shine. Especially if you display your own art. Make the only thing in the room that is noticeable, art-related. This can be art from you or other artists, just keep the background plain. 

Use That Attic For That Private Home Art Studio

Studio artist interior design
Design from Bellweather Design-Build, LLC

You’d be surprised as to what you can do with an attic. Even if the attic is small, you can clean it up, add windows, insulation, and good flooring and you will have a full-blown art studio that feels homey.

Take The Guest Room When Guests Aren’t Around

Studio artist interior design

A lot of people feel obligated to create a guest room. But if you don’t have people visiting every month then it’s not necessary. No one expects a room to be set aside for their yearly visit so use it for yourself.

Flooring For An Art Studio Matters

Studio artist interior design

You may feel like neglecting the floor for your art studio. Especially if you are afraid they will just get messy anyway. But you shouldn’t do that. Floors can make or break a room, even a room that may get messy.

Your Office, Your Home Art Studio

Studio artist interior design
Image from Ellen McKenna Design

If you have an at-home job but still want to work towards making art your career, then you can combine the two. It may be difficult to concentrate on just one at a time, but you will learn that you have more time for both this way.

Don’t Forget Music

Studio artist interior design
Image from Triniti Ortiz Photo

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget that music is an art too! The art that touches the most lives. While a music studio doesn’t need to be inspiring, it does need to be equipped with everything you might need. 

Simple Shelves To Display Your Works

Studio artist interior design
Image from Oden Home

Whether it’s for displaying art you created or something to inspire you, you can add fairly simple shelves that help the juices flow. DIY your own if you know the trade though wood shelves are very easy to install. 

You can use brackets and mount them. Then all you have to do is put boards on top of them and secure them down. Or, you can mount the boards into the walls, but this is trickier and needs more support. 

Use A Closet That Is No Longer In Use

Studio artist interior design

If you have a lot of supplies, keeping them out in the room can be distracting. So getting a fabric or supply closet in your art studio can save you a lot of time fretting. If you have the extra space, this is a no-brainer!

Transform Your Kitchen Into A Home Art Studio

Studio artist interior design
Image from Circa Interiors LLC

Not much of a cook? Transform your kitchen by allowing it to double as an art studio. This is especially useful in small places where you live alone as no one will be disturbing you while you work and create.

A Sewing Room Is A Home Art Studio

Studio artist interior design
Image from Van Metre Homes

Sewing rooms have slightly different rules than art studios but they are still similar in many ways. Although they are art studios, they shouldn’t have natural light as it can damage clothing and fabric.

Art Is Art

Studio artist interior design

You don’t need to be a master artist like Picasso in order to have an art studio. You can be into crafts and 3D modeling and still be considered an artist. So don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve a studio.

Add Your Thinking Color, It’s Different For Everyone

Studio artist interior design

We all have a color or two that really helps us get going. So find that color and incorporate it into your room and create a space that you can’t get enough of. Make sure that you never want to leave that room.

Use Half A Room 

Studio artist interior design
Image from Bart Edson Photography

If you have one room that is too big, you can always add a divider and use the other half for an art studio. If you have an extra-large bedroom and don’t use all the space, divide it with a wall or room divider. 

Create Your Home Art Studio Getaway 

Studio artist interior design
Images from Lehman Design Studio
Studio artist interior design

In the end, all you want to do is create that special getaway where you can be yourself. This can be outside in a shed, in the garage, or in a spare room in the house. All you need to do is create that special place just for you. 

This is very similar to a man-cave or she-shed only in this case, you need to design it with your art in mind. Who knows, maybe someday your name will be in the headlines all because you took time to create a boss art studio!