High Efficiency, High Style Laundry Rooms

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The dreaded laundry day. When there are a zillion other things we need to do…or, at least, would rather be doing. But there is some consolation in the fact that a beautiful and well-laid-out laundry room can not only make the task itself easier, but it can also brighten our outlook just by spending time in the space. Consider these examples of highly efficient and stylish laundry rooms:

Tons of Cupboard Space:

Laundry room desk

When I fall asleep at night, I sometimes envision what a dream laundry room would look like. (What, you don’t do that? Odd.) I have a sneaky suspicion that, now having seen this one, I won’t be left to my imagination any longer. Think of the unsightly things you can hide behind those lovely cupboards! And look at that counterspace. Perfect for laundry, yes, but also crafts and projects and other delightful messiness. I love how the primary color of this space comes from the actual laundry-doing machines, and it’s such a pretty, fresh color to boot.

Hallway Laundry Room:

Laundry room desk

For those whose laundry rooms are more like a hallway than a room, this is an inspiring example of style + functionality. A deep counter with plenty of cupboards and drawers allows the space to appear pretty while housing who-knows-what. Because a long, narrow hallway space tends to highlight the floor, this space wisely incorporates beautiful marbley tile. And the under-cabinet lighting is an excellent functional addition for those late-night emergency laundry sessions.

Corner Laundry Nook:

Laundry room desk

More common than a large, luxurious laundry room is something like this: a compact corner space that requires squeezing function out of every last inch. This room does that perfectly, from the clothes-hanging bar directly over the dryer to the open shelving and enclosed cupboards. I also like the labeled and exposed laundry basket liners. Some stylish accessories are incorporated, but this room appears to me to be aimed at efficiency – get it in, get it washed, and get it out.

Tiny Laundry Corner:

Laundry room desk

When it comes down to it, the essentials of a laundry room are: a washer and a dryer and a place for clothes. This laundry corner incorporates those barebones requirements (and ekes in a few more) with style and ease. A sink and some shelves provide easy access to laundry essentials, while coordinated clothes baskets and a built-in clothes-hanging bar are effective “bonuses.” This is an excellent use of very little square footage.

Laundry + Office:

Laundry room desk

When it’s laundry day, we definitely spend a significant percentage of our time in the laundry room. Letting it do double-duty as an office/work area is a wonderful idea. This large, bright window provides mental stimulation and inspiration during deskwork, and it’s not likely to be a room that sees a lot of distracting traffic as a rule. (Or you could sit and fold clothes at the desk.) This room houses plenty of counterspace to meet every laundry need, whether folding or drying or sorting.

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